A Creation Challenge to the Chickens of Evolution





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Published on Nov 16, 2010

Karl Priest: Calling for a mass exodus out of public schools
Eugenie Scott Misrepresents the Law on Evolution Education http://www.evolutionnews.org/2011/07/...
Joe's Blog
Press Release for June 3, 2011.
This is to announce that the book, Originality Throughout the Universe, disposes of atheism and evolution. It disposes of atheism because all the atheist has is nature and nature can only degrade, the opposite of what is needed to fill the universe with the myriad originals the book documents. Evolution has no brain and therefore
cannot do any engineering to make even one original whereas quadrillions and quadrillions are needed to establish the reality anyone may observe.
For those interested in disposing of atheism and evolution, a source for the book is http://originalitythroughouttheuniver...
Those buying the book are entitled gratis to unlimited technical assistance regardless of application.
For those wishing to make the case that the book cannot do what it says, they may schedule a mini-trial, win it with their scientific evidence, and be compensated about $1,250 per hour for their time. See the protocol at http://originalitythroughouttheuniver...
For those interested only in meddling, use the blog at http://originalitythroughouttheuniver...
Joseph Mastropaolo

The Dover decision was by a judge who was NOT a scientist and was based on opinions.
The Evolution Confusion about the Dover Trial

There was no evolution scientific evidence presented at the Dover trial. There was no objective, valid, reliable, calibrated evidence presented. The Dover evolution opinionated experts were Brian Alters # 103, Barbara Forrest # 10, John Haught # 42, Kenneth Miller # 17, Kevin Padian # 139, and Robert Pennock # 135 on the Life Science Prize list. None have any evidence for evolution.
If you know better, then put it up and make yourself a millionaire.
Joseph Mastropaolo

Eugenie Scott, Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, Berkeley, California, says, "Avoid Debates. If your local campus
Christian fellowship asks you to 'defend evolution,' please decline....you probably will get beaten." (1)
Footnotes: 1. Scott, Eugenie C., "Monkey Business," The Sciences (January/February 1996), pp. 20-25. Scott is Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, Berkeley, California, and received her Ph.D. in Anthropology, Missouri University, 1974. Past previous position, Assistant Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1984-86, page 25. EUGENIE C. SCOTT: Debate and Lose Critique - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L84cV1...

The enemies of God use the public schools to destroy children to accomplish their rebellion against Him. The high priests of evolution sacrifice the minds of children on their educational alters and because they are cowards, run from adult opponents such as The Life Science Prize, http://lifescienceprize.org.
Kitzmiller v. Dover, and all the other cases, accepted OPINION.
The Life Science min-trial accepts only SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE.
Still cannot understand?
Then sign up for unlimited mini-trials and (1) prove you are right and
(2) simultaneously make yourself a millionaire.
How can you lose?
Unless of course you are merely full of brass and bluff.

I have published 22 science articles in peer reviewed science journals, one of which was entitled, An objective ancestry test for fossil bones. The Physiologist 45 (4): 343, 2002.
That you advocate a 340-year-old superstition suggests that you are the ignorant or purposely malevolent party. Do you have any science credentials to the contrary?
Joseph Mastropaolo, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
California State University, Long Beach

Life Science Prize - http:www.lifescienceprize.org
Karl Priest

Comments • 499

Dj Crowe
You are one seriously misguided individual... But I'm assuming you've heard that before...
we are not the enemies of god, cos there is no god. we are the enemies of creatards like you
ch bu
Creationists do not need anyone to make them look stupid, they do that all by themselves.
Its amazing. The evolutionists have all the educated, well read, scientists and educators on their side! Its like information is a communicable disease! The minute a person reads a book and truly understands evolution, they then claim it is 'fact' and abandon creationism. Well, I for one won't allow this to happen to me. I'm pledge to remain ignorant at ANY COST!
Stephen McSweeney
They don't do it not because they could make you look like morons, because if that were the goal, then the exercise would be a useless redundancy.
The interesting thing is that all this creationism nonsense is a typical USA thing. E.g., in Germany, where I am living, we do have a christian political party, but none of their members talks about creationism. Nobody is trying to teach creationism in schools. Also, Pope John Paul II, the head of catholics, accepted evolution. And what happens in America? Not only are US students among worst in science, they are even more dumbed down by your "One Nation Under God" with all the creation crap.
Darren Smith
I understand.
Darren Smith
Correct, its unscientific net alone stupid.
David Jacobs
if represented mathematically the beginning of evolution is nothing or 0. please explain to me how 0 x (insert any number here) = anything other then 0. Mathematics disprove any evolution theory considering the fact that it is a constant and shows a lawful design 
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