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Published on Nov 24, 2016

Merredin “Gotta Keep it Strong”

Indigenous Hip Hop Projects was proud to work with the Njaki Njaki community of Merredin and partner with the Merredin Aboriginal Project Inc. (MAPI), University of Western Australia, Centre for Aboriginal Medical and Dental Health and Telethon Kids Institute to create this music video.  MAPI and partners are grateful for the generous support of the project’s major sponsor, Collgar Wind Farm.

In this video the koolungars (children) of Njaki Njaki Country want to share with you all they learned from Dr Asha about how to avoid getting infections that cause skin sores, sore throats, and runny ears. These infections are not a normal part of growing up and we must treat them otherwise bad bacteria can stay around and cause severe illnesses, including rheumatic heart disease and glomerulonephritis. To have strong health we must go to the clinic for regular checks, go to see the doctor and be proactive in protecting ourselves and our community.

Our connection to country, strong culture and strong spirit are important to our strong health. Our proud Njaki Njaki koolungars share with you our story. On a granite outcrop at sunset, Njaki Njaki boys perform a traditional bird dance of our totem ‘Maarli’ (the black swan). Maarli are strong and withstand being tormented by the little mischievous Djitty Djitty (willy wag tails). Maarli are much stronger than the kulbardi (magpies) who get frustrated and retaliate when the playful Djitty Djitty boldly provoke them. The Maarli teach us to be strong.

MAPI and partners are grateful for sponsorship from Merredin IGA (a subsidiary of Indigenous Business Australia) and Palmeston, and in-kind support from
Merredin College, Avon Youth (Merredin), Njaki Njaki Cultural Tours, Njaki Njaki artist Aaron Hayden, Maarli Services, Amity Health (Merredin), Karis Medical Centre
Eastern Wheatbelt Primary Health Service, WA Country Health Service; Merredin Medical Centre, Nyoongar Wellbeing and Sports, Water Corporation, Graduate Women WA, Westbrook B&B, AIM Dental, UniBank, Department of Sport and Recreation WA and Netball WA.

Merredin WA- IHHP - Merredin “Gotta Keep it Strong” Lyrics

Spoken Word- Uncle Mick Hayden
For thousands of years we lived strong and healthy
Mind, body and spirit was all naturally
Our bush tucker came from the land
Our ancestors taught us to be strong and take a stand
Our skin represents our pride, and identity
Moorditj Boodja, Moorditj Warlang, Moorditj Weirn, Moorditj Moort
(Strong Country, Strong health, Strong Spirit, Strong Family)

Girls Verse 1
1. We’re proud girls from Njaki Njaki
2. We look so fresh and we look so Dardy (to impress)
3. We got a little message so you better listen in
4. If you wanna stay healthy, look after your skin (Josie)
5. If your skin is sore and you start to scratch
6. Go to the doctor and don’t be slack
7. Cos I know this sounds a little outrageous
8. Them cheeky germs are real contagious (Chloe)
9. They can spread to your cousin, sister, brother
10. So cover your sores to look after each other
11. Wash your hands, clothes and sheets on your bed
12. This will help to stop the germs spread (Nikisha)
13. Blisters, boils, scabies, sores
14. Keep em clean, we don’t want em no more
15. Sore throats, lead to bad infections
16. All my people its time for prevention (Katherine)

Pre chorus
Moorditj Boodja, Moorditj Boodja (Strong Country)
Moorditj Warlang, Moorditj Warlang, (Strong Health)
Moorditj Weirn, Moorditj Weirn, (Strong Spirit)
Moorditj Moort, Moorditj Moort (Strong Family)

My skin is important to me
My skin is my identity
My skin tells me where I belong
My skin I gotta keep it strong
Our skin is our identity
Our skin is our family
Our skin is where we belong
Our skin is who we are

Boys Verse 2
1. We the Njaki Njaki boys of Merredin
2. Go to the clinic to protect your skin
3. Protection Mooditjt (strong) infection Warra (bad)
4. Skin no good, then go and see a doctor (Kris)
5. When you get a sore throat check your skin
6. Fruit and veg, and bush medicine
7. If Germs are knocking don’t let them in
8. Cleaning yourself it’s self defence (Angus)
9. Walking down the street with class 6 4
10. Going to school everyday its our reward
11. We hit the road to Eagle Rock
12. Learning our way from our nans and pops ( Juwan )
13. Noongar man, Noongar land
14. Noongar culture together we stand
15. I’ve told you once, and I’ll tell you again
16. You Gotta keep healthy and protect your skin ( Stuart )

Pre chorus


Special Moment
1. Eating kangaroo and bush berries
2. Helps our body fight disease (Reginald)
3. Basketball footy that’s our sport
4. Netball soccer see you at the court (Ambrose)
5. Swimming at the pool or dam
6. We love going country collecting yam (Simon)
7. Strong healthy skin is our intention
8. Take care of yourself and you won’t need medicine (Pheobe)


Traditional- Outro


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