Baby Raccoon in the Tub





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Published on Jun 28, 2008

Our baby raccoon, Tyrone Biggums, playing in the bathtub


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Emily Fenn
sigh I hate racism claims. Now you can't name any animal with black in its fur a "black person name", got it. New rules that I must abide by because I'm white... wait, isn't that racist? Oh yeah. Racism doesn't apply to the Caucasian race.
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clover AJ
Omg I hate people like you. Who even brought up race??? Nobody!! Its a cute video this has nothing to do with race omg
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All the people out there who don't have clean water to drink and you're using yours to bathe a raccoon, really? 
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Catherine Thorstenberg
zzNPZzz are you implying that the owner was supposed to box that water up and ship it overseas to people who don't have clean drinking wells? Because that's not how it works. When we use water recreationally - for water parks, for pets, for backyard kiddie pools - that doesn't take away from anyone else.
Eric Yim
its not like the people who don't have water could even get the water we waste.
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Colton Brown
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This is to cute for Yt. Someone help me take it down. It's so sweet that I'm turning fat!
Lol why the hell did you name it tyrone biggums
What is it with Raccoons? Half of the things I see have to do with, or something about, raccoons! Raccoons, raccoons, RACCOONS! Why so many coons?! First a cartoon series, next, Sly Cooper (Great game by the way!); and now this?
Dylan Rawr
me on acid😂
I want one
Jenejah Charley
Marko Antonio
We live in rural Tennessee and raccoons are still a good food source in the deep woods down South in rural areas.  My sister, Tilda-Lou, noticed tracks leading under the shed and under there were a mother raccoon and 7 babies. She immediately got her shot gun and killed the mama point blank because it had raided her chicken coop before and killed our chickens. She crawled down and pulled out the babies, they were helpless, young and tender and only a few weeks old. She put them in an old bird cage and submerged it in the lake to drown them. It was quick and painless and she got a big kick out of it. She made raccoon pie from the baby coon meat. She learned this recipe from our grandmother Daisy-Mae. You boil them, skin them, pull the meat off the bone, place in a round pan with spices, gravy, flour, some butter, root veggies and bake like a chicken pot pie. Baby coon meat is sweet and tender and it sure was delicious !
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Alex Valeska xox.
Marko Antonio YOU sound like a FUCKING redneck kys
Becca Hawkins
Marko Antonio u are such a horrible person so is your sister
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