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Silver Bar Making: Molds, Test-Pours, & Lessons Learned BUCHAN BULL BULLION VIDEO #2

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Uploaded on Jan 13, 2011

Welcome to the Buchan Bull Bullion Channel!!

Your Economic & Financial Friend!!

We specialize in Bullion Sales, Production and Custom Casting.

Buchan Bull 99.9% Fine Silver, Traditionally Hand-Poured, Serialized and Sealed Bars should be available mid-January 2011.

This is the second video that we are posting and is just a general introduction to the molds that will be used in the upcoming production of the Buchan Bull Bullion 10, 5, & 1 Troy Ounce 99.9% silver bars, as well as some lessons learned and video clips from our test-pours in December 2010.

Worth noting is that our process uses 99.9% silver as our only input, thus the need for refining is greatly if not completely reduced. At Buchan Bull Bullion we basically melt and recast old silver, recycling, in a fairly environmentally responsible fashion as the need for the toxic chemicals during the leeching and refining process are extremely minimized if not 100% excluded.

We start with 99.9% blanks sourced from various mints in the USA and Canada, some still in business, others out of production now-a-days. We melt our blanks at 1700 degrees and will subject the silver to temperatures up to and in excess of 2300 degrees to burn off any impurities and slag. It is worth noting that none of our test batches required the use of any deoxidizer, which we had available, which is a testament to the purity of the input materials.

Stay tuned for more updates and videos of the production process.

PLEASE NOTE: No materials used in production are stored on-site. All materials used in production, including molds, are kept at various secure off-site locations and accessed only for production or inventory control purposes, both for safety and chain of integrity purposes.


1. Do you know where your Silver comes from?

Every bar produced by Buchan Bull Bullion will be serialized and a log will be kept updated on www.buchanbullbullion.com which will allow bar owners to identify exactly what batch their bars have come from, and all batch information will include complete data identifying exact per gram weights of silver for each mint(if more than one mint's silver is required for a single batch) used in the production process.

2. Is your Silver produced using recycled inputs, creating a much more environmentally friendly production process?

At Buchan Bull Bullion we do not refine bullion and therefore require very little, ideally none, of the harsh, toxic and environmentally damaging products used in the refining and leeching process to purify unpure bullion to 99.9%. At Buchan Bull Bullion we start with 99.9% raw silver blanks, sourced from various US and Canadian mints.

3. Is you silver produced locally, supporting local business?

At Buchan Bull Bullion, we are a family operation with help from other small family businesses, in an attempt to keep everything at a local level. If you read a bit in the ABOUT THE BULL section, you will find that money is not the main objective at Buchan Bull Bullion. Here we want to educate our clients, and have our clients educate us; we want to go up against the big guys and come out on top. Buchan Bull Bullion is produced for the average Joe, because that is who the Bull is, just the average BULL.

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions.

The BULL's personal blog can be found at www.buchanbullbullion.com , as well as updates regarding production, and information on custom casting.

We guarantee the authenticity of all our products, especially those produced in-house. We will cut any bar into pieces or drill holes in any place to prove the authenticity of our pieces, and are very happy to discuss any concerns that clients may have.


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