How to Cool & Recognizing Heat Rash on Baby - How to Deal with Heat Rash in Babies




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Published on Jul 5, 2017

Recognizing Heat Rash on Baby: In this video, how to cool & recognizing heat rash on baby - how to deal with heat rash in babies - baby heat rash treatment. Subscribe to our channel for more videos.

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How to Treat Baby Heat Rash
You might think that only athletes or active people get heat or sweat rash, but babies commonly get heat rash, too. Heat rash is caused by clogged sweat glands which trap sweat under the surface of the skin. Since a baby's sweat glands haven't fully developed, they aren't efficient in excreting sweat, leading to a rash. Fortunately, most rashes go away on their own and there are things you can do to relieve your baby's discomfort.

Recognizing Heat Rash on Baby
* Recognize symptoms of baby heat rash Check your baby's skin for areas with small red bumps or blisters. You might see your baby scratching these prickly and itchy areas.
* Determine if your baby is too warm. Make sure your baby is not overdressed and is wearing loose clothing. If you're not sure whether your baby is uncomfortable, look for the following signs that your baby is overdressed or too warm:

* Your baby's head and neck are damp and sweaty

* Your baby's face is red

* Your baby is breathing too fast (more than 30 to 50 breaths a minute if he's under six months or more than 25 to 30 breaths if he's between six months old and a year)

* Your baby seems irritable, cries, and fusses

* Know when to see a doctor. Most heat rashes will improve on their own and won't need medical treatment. But, if you don't notice your baby's rash getting better within 24 hours, or if the rash is becoming swollen, painful, or has pus, or your baby develops a fever, call your baby's pediatrician.

Caused of Heat Rash In Babies
Heat rash is a red or pink rash usually found on body areas covered by clothing. It can develop when the sweat ducts become blocked and swell and often leads to discomfort and itching.
In babies, heat rash can be caused by well-meaning parents who dress their baby too warmly, but it can happen to any baby in very warm weather. A baby should be dressed as an adult would be to be comfortable at the same temperature and activity level. Babies' hands and feet may feel cool to your touch but that does not mean they need to be dressed too warmly in hot weather.

How to Cool and Deal with Babies Heat Rash at Home.
* Bath your baby. As soon as you suspect your baby has heat rash, begin to cool him down. Give your baby a bath in lukewarm water to bring his body temperature down. Just avoid using cold water. Cold water could shock your baby because of the extreme temperature difference.

* Cool the room. You may notice your baby is overly warm after napping in a warm room. Check the temperature of the room. You should keep the room at a comfortable 68 to 72°F (20 to 22.2°C) If you need to, turn on the air conditioner or use a fan to circulate the air.

*Dress your baby in loose clothing. Remove your baby from swaddling or remove warm clothing (like long-sleeve shirts, coats, etc). Instead, dress your baby in all cotton or all-natural fiber clothing. This will help him cool off since moisture won't remain on her skin.

*Use cool compresses. Soak a soft cotton washcloth in cool water and apply it to the rash to relieve itching. Once the cloth warms up, reuse the cloth by soaking it in cool water again. You can also make an herbal tea compress using herbs that have been shown to reduce inflammation.
*Apply aloe vera. Cut a stem of aloe vera. Squeeze the gel onto the rash and spread it evenly. The gel will be gooey at first, but will soon dry.
*Avoid applying creams, lotions, or ointments. While you can apply natural aloe vera gel to the rash, don't apply lotions, creams, or ointments like calamine to relieve itchiness. Some doctors believe it can dry the skin, making the rash worse.

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