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Bill O'Reilly Gets Owned By Kid





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Published on Sep 5, 2007


Update!!! I GOT AN HONOR!!!!
#99 - Top Rated (All Time) - News & Politics....OH YEA

#96 - Top Rated (All Time) - News & Politics

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Princess Buttercup
It's pretty funny that a high school kid speaks more politely and eloquently than that old dinosaur.
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Lmao your comment killed me
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Ball Lohl
"I have read it Bill" This kid is only 16?! Fucking boss
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B1CAlpha 001
I can enjoy a variety of music, but I think I like classical music the most.
B1CAlpha 001 The world is waiting. Lol
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Castiel 839
kid thinks its inappropriate to learn about the consequences of drug use and unprotected sex...and a grown man agrees as well...that's just fucking sad
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Castiel 839 kinda reminds me of the king of the hill episode where hanks wife is teaching sex Ed at school and Bobby has to convince Hank that there's actually value to learning that
Mellow Jellow
+trevor bgs there are actually quite a bit of drugs that are virtually harmless... Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms, LSD, DMT, Mescaline... just to name a few.
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Hejraat Rashid
'i have read it Bill'
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Lmao Jesse is a boss
+Jan 10 lol txs
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Calling a kid a pin head, what a great man he is. If you watch Fox, shame on you.
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The One and Only Berd
Thats cause kids literally are pinheads
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"I have read it, Bill." LOL!
Warlord Cleon
Gave him some of his own medicine, but Bill's slimey ass tries to get around it.
ɪɴғɪɴɪᴛʏ 無窮
Well, Andrew is never going to get a girlfriend.
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Reuben M
The kid does what is correct, fact check and use evidence. He called out Bill and how does Bill respond? He calls the kid a "pinhead." So professional. He's just an old white bigot that lives in his own closed off world. People should call him out more often.
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Gabriel Smullyan
Reuben M he was fired after that whole sexual assault scandal... good news for the world
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Did he really just call a high school kid that he doesn't know a pin head on nation tv? Shit this guy is a fucking moron.
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Vicki T.
MrQ000000 good Lord!! calling someone a pen head is not a curse's not that big of a deal. y'all just wanna complain.
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Resorts to name calling a 16 year old boy a pinhead. That's all you need to learn from this clip. 
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John Hood
+Ben Emberley Wonder if bill have any kids. You need to educate them on everything or they would get trick into something that their ass can't cash. You let them go out in the world blind and see how they come back. Plus they are teenager. Easy to get trick. Keep hiding stuff from them and you going to get what you get. Someone talk that fool that it is different from when he was a kid. And the younger one I wouldn't be surprised if he get turn out
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