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Published on Nov 1, 2011


*OMG, you have no idea how much time i spent on this video.. I started before 3 months, then i lost inspiration, and it took so long when it came back to me:) So I hope you will llike it:)

*I really like Lucrezia, she is awesome character:) And Holliday is really great actress:) so why not try it with Arthur Pendragon?:)

*For those who needs to read a plot, but i think that the video is pretty understandable:)


"The Pope needs to have friends everywhere, so he decides to give his only daughter to hands of Pendragons."

Lady Lucrezia comes to Camelot as a bride, and Arthur is really happy about that. But then he finds out she won't be HIS bride, but bride of his father. And because he is charmed by young Lucrezia, he doesn't know what to do. Lucrezia has feelings for Arthur too, but he marries Uther (for good of Vatican & her father, the Pope)
With Lucrezia becoming a Queen of Camelot it seems that their love is lost forever. But one day Arthur is brought to Camelot, injured. Lucrezia is worried about him, and when he wakes up, she's there so as Uther. Lucrezia can't help herself, and she waits for Arthur in his bedchambers, even if they know it's dangerous, Lucrezia stays and spends night with Arthur.
Uther starts to suspect them from treason, but he doesnt have a proof. Lucrezia fins out she is with child (Arthur's child) and tells to Arthur, who is happy, Uther overhears them and in anger he challenges his son. Arthur accidentaly kills his father during the fight, Uther forgives him and then he dies..

*and here are the voiceovers, if you need them:)

R:"And Lucrezia must marry.We must bind our enemies to ua, make friends of them. What is better way is there than marriage?"

U:"Camelot will enter a new era of prosperity."

U:"I am to marry..."

M:"She is very beautiful."
A:"Merlin, I know what you're trying to do, but it's about what makes my father happy...She's the future queen of Camelot! How can i admit that i think about her all the time?"

L:"So.. love and marriage, are they incopatible?"

M:"You look lovely."

L:"Do i have to marry?"
A:"You can't escape."
L:"For I shall never love a husband as i love you."

"And I pronounce you to be.. husband & wife."

A:"I care about her more than anyone.. how can i admit that.. i don't know what i'll do if any harm comes to her."

U:"He is sole heir to the throne."

A:"It's dangerous."

A:"I promise you, when i am king.. things will be different."

L:"The child.. is not my husband's."
G:"I won't tell anyone."

L:"I am with child."

U:"What did you think you were doing?"
A:"I love her."

U:"I've always loved you."

A:"I promise you when i am king..things will be different.."

"I crown you Arthur.. king of Camelot."

A:"We will be together."

*I hope you liked it:) if you need any info about song, etc. you can find it at the end of the video:)

Take Care,


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