Deep in the Meadow - Lullaby (lyrics) - The Hunger Games Movie (2012)





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Published on Mar 27, 2012

The official Deep in the Meadow song from the 2012 Hunger Games movie. I OWN NOTHING - all rights go to their rightful owners.

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Jessie Burczyk
I saw Mockingjay part 2 yesterday and Katniss sings this song at the beginning of the credits... I cried so much and I'm so depressed now
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Danielle Rocks
+sanaa peterson Same
sanaa peterson
This is pretty and sad. Mockingjay part 2 is so sad. I completely fell apart.
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Gina Marie
I always like to think this version is Katniss's dad singing. 
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Aili Wride
Gina Marie that is so true. I think the same thing
Elysian Leaf
+Lord Spodergentleman actually there was a song he sang to her before he died, it was The Hanging Tree from Mockingjay, but she had to stop singing it because it got banned in District 12. So basically, there was a song that reminded her of her father, and that was The Hanging Tree.
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Emma Sausman
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Savannah Lawson
its rue
CVJ&BRI Productions
Omg my friends say that to me every day and I cry every time and there is someone in my band who plays the mocking jay call in class a and it makes me cry (not really) because I think of prim and Rue
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Alexandria Frandsen
Fan Fic moment: I wake up to Rue's song in my head, but I am not singing it. It's a male's voice. I look over to Peeta's side of the bed, where he is sound asleep. But it's still there. Peeta can't sing anyway. Then it's like I'm being slapped in the face when I realize who it is. It's my father. On a hollow day and Prim and I were in hysterics because for once in his life, he came home empty-handed. I was angry with him because it had never happened before. But it had that one day. We were both crying, unable to stop. Then he sang this lullaby, promising that there would be a day where we didn't even have to rely on his game for food, we would have it. And we wouldn't get it from a Victor in the games. We would have plenty, and I hung on to that hope. After everything that has happened in the past few years, especially since we were in 13. And I let my father's voice rock me back to sleep. At least it wasn't a nightmare this time.
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Safari. Phae
I can just picture it! This is amazing! :')
Alexandria Frandsen
+ThatOneGirl shut your whore mouth peasant XD Lol
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Payton Spamiltom
(Sniff sniff) ok wise guys who put the bowl of ONIONS HERE
Payton Spamiltom
+XxCats OMGxX its fine I've grown to like onions (sniff sniff) oh dang it
Hannah Banana
takes back my onions and wonders how I left them here (o_O)
Oh god, I just came back from seeing mockingjay in the cinema
Savannah Lawson
+SIMBBA17 its rue
prim :(
lilly desmond
just try listening to this while watching the death scene.
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Chibi Prussia
+Alara Ilhan +flippy roblox I was just shocked, I knew it was going to happen. 
flippy roblox
+Alara Ilhan same with me
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The Anime Warrior
when I hear this... I cry... for Rue ,for Finnick and Annie, for Prim, and the hundreds more who died ever since the districts lost the original rebellion...
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The Anime Warrior
+Ryan Shaw I'm sorry, I meant I was sad for Annie's lost love. I probably should have made that more clear.
The Anime Warrior
+tia baker stubbs  Well the U.S.A isn't a perfect place either...I'd love to see England someday though.
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clock work
tear runs down face rue.......
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Johnna Leigh
+clock work (Katy) tear runs down face Prim...
Dan Is My Smol Marshmallow
Tear runs down face Cinna
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Sorell pilgram
"Pain and loss.. They define us as much as happiness or love.. Wether a world, or a relationship... Everything has it's time, and everything ends". That's just the way of the Universe.
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Sorell pilgram
oh yeah, they both look kinda alike, so I got confused, lol
+Sorell pilgram That actually was Sarah Jane Smith who said it. :)
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