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Uploaded on Aug 14, 2011

New findings of the link between the event horizon of the Resurrection (as recorded on the Shroud of Turin) and the Dawn of Creation (Big Bang).

...A timeless burst of spiritual light energy at dawn on Easter Sunday.

It was the culmination of three light-based mysteries: Holy Thursday's Last Supper/Holy Eucharist/Fifth Mystery of Light; Jesus Christ's death on the Cross when "The Light of the World" was extinguished; and HIs Resurrection when all was recreated, a second "Let there be glorified Light"

This is a short segment of a much longer work that was previously on cable and uploaded to YOUTUBE.


All [who descended] from our first parents were embraced in the immense mercy and goodness of Our Redeemer and healed in the glory of his resurrection. Those who were present felt the effects of His redemption and the glory of His soul. They praised Him who had wrought in marvelous wisdom such a salvation. Then in the presence of all, the relics were restored in his body to their natural perfection and integrity and at that moment the soul was reunited in His body giving it immortal life and glory. lnstead of the winding sheets, He was clothed with the four gifts of glory: clearness, impassibility, agility and subtlety.

These gifts overflowed from the immense glory of the soul of Christ into His sacred body. They were a natural inheritance as well from the instant of His conception, for in that moment, His soul was glorified and His whole humanity was united to His divinity. These gifts had been suspended in their affects in order to permit Jesus in His humanity to suffer and to be capable of meriting for us, our own glory. In the resurrection, these gifts were justly called into activity and the degree corresponds them to the glory of His soul and the union of His divinity. The glory of the soul of Christ Jesus, Our Savior, is indescribable, as well as the gifts of His body are. The excellence of these gifts in resurrection is far beyond the glory of the transfiguration or on other occasions, for they were transitory and for special purposes. Now he receives the fullness of the gifts forever. The impassibility made his body become invincible to all created power so that no power can ever move or change Him. The subtlety made his body so pure that earthly matter could not penetrate it or other matter as the rocks at the sepulcher. He left the tomb without removing or displacing them when he issued forth in resurrection. His agility so freed Him from the weight and slowness of matter that it exceeded the immaterial angels. He could move about quickly as he showed in his apparitions of the resurrection. The sacred wounds now shown forth from his hands, feet, and side in brilliant light. In glory, Jesus, Our Savior rose from the grave and in the presence of all the saints, he promised universal resurrection to all in their own bodies. And, they would be likewise glorified as the Risen Christ. As our pledge of our Risen Lord’s command, the souls of some of the saints were reunited with their bodies and they rose up to a model life. (Mt 27:52)


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