How to Sing Better: Voice Technique Basics, Music Styles, Music Genres, Voice Range - Lesson 1





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Published on Jul 15, 2009

Voice Training for Personal & Professional Development
Singing and Public Speaking Skills


If you have a question about any of the video, post it in the comment section. I try to respond to everyone at least once.

Donna has been involved in many audition processes for commercials/tv/stage, and has worked with record companies, award winning producers, and works with both non-professional and professional singers. She also works with business professionals and leaders to sharpen their speaking and presentation skills.

LEADING EDGE ADVANTAGE: Her education in vocal technique and vocal health is extensive. Donna combines traditional and current medically proven methodologies to produce the best result based on your individual voice qualities. Training includes (but not limited to):

- Vancouver General Hospital Pacific Voice Clinic: Client-centered Management for Adults Focused on Assessment and Technique - Current ALERT Components

- University of Pittsburgh Voice Center - The Voice Group, Contemporary Voice Care

- University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

- Educational Kinesiology Certification

- Royal Conservatory of Music, multiple Speech and traditional methodologies

When Donna coaches a vocalist to develop their instrument “voice tones” and “styling” is used allowing the singer to explore greater vocal dimensions.


Schedule a private session or group corporate seminar.

Voice Training: http://www.vocalcoach.ca/home/index.p...

Public Speaking: http://www.vocalcoach.ca/home/index.p...

Creating the Sound in You Vocal Training CD: http://www.vocalcoach.ca/home/index.p...

eBook Radical Singing – Break Limitation and Unleash the Artistry Within: http://www.vocalcoach.ca/home/index.p...

Voice Training - Personal and Professional Development:
- Voice Training (Singing, Public Speaking)
- Stage Fright, Stress Management, Kinesiology for Whole Brain Learning
- Pronunciation, Foreign Accent Modification (sound North American)
- Voice Health and Maintenance (Tired, Strained, Injured Voice)
- Delivery, Performance Skills


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Comments • 81

Sean Murphy
Vocal Coach Donna Flynn Toronto
Thanks Sean. I have more videos coming this summer.  If you want to be notified when they are uploaded subscribe if you have not already.  Have a great day :)
Wet Wakos
Hello I really need help, when I sing my voice gets out if breath can you help me on what to do ?
Vocal Coach Donna Flynn Toronto
Hey WW.  You may be using way too much air when you sing.  A phrase in a song is only about 5 or 6 words.  If you can speak that long without getting out of breath, you should be able to sing it too.  Learn about breathing so you don't release huge amounts of air for only a short phrase. Singing feels easy when your breathing is right so start there and things will improve. 
Clayton Blake
Hey! :) every time i record, my voice seems to be really raspy and aggressive :( what can i do to make my voice smoother?
Vocal Coach Donna Flynn Toronto
Hey Clayton.  Having a raspy and aggressive change in your voice when you sing is not normal and it's not healthy for your voice.  It means you need to learn about how to use your style without putting pressure on the voice.  There is never a 'quick fix' for the voice because there are so many dimensions to the voice but focusing on your style will help. 
Pedro Vanderlei
Hi my name is Mary, I am 9 years old and I have a consert coming up.my friends say that I am good but I have a earre vocie .can you help me . 
Vocal Coach Donna Flynn Toronto
Hello Mary.  How did the concert go?  If your friends say you are good then I think you should believe them.  I think they are probably right!
Kelly Malamore
HELP PLEASE  My friends told me that i could sing and some family members as well but im not that sure and confident of my voice. I've recorded it tons of times on my phone but when i hear it i sould weird. 
Kelly Malamore
Thank you soo much .
Vocal Coach Donna Flynn Toronto
Hi Kelly.  There are a few exceptions but just about anyone can learn how to sing with a nice sounding voice.  I think your friends are hearing some nice things in your voice which makes me think that if you tried you could bring more out in yourself.  Don't worry about the 'weird' sounding things.  That will change as you bring out the good parts.  Focus on the positive and the 'weird' stuff will fade away.
Thank you so much for your answer! It gave me more of hope (I was thinking that only if someone has a gift, might sing). I searched and saw it might have to also do a bit with my posture, and to try not to have tense muscles around my vocal cords. And of course to practice! I need to practice since I never sang, and hopefully that will also give my voice more power. One mistake I did was trying to go deeper than I can, and I still feel a pain in my throat, since my voice is going high normally.
Vocal Coach Donna Flynn Toronto
Amaelaminn everything you told me is very common. The way you are singing is making you sing flat so understanding what you are doing through your breathing of note/pitch that comes from your vocal cords will fix that. Space is limited here but almost everyone can learn to sing with a beautiful voice. Singing is not just a gift, it's a skill, a craft too. You will need the proper skills for your specific voice type then you will be able to sing and be happy with the sound. 
I am so happy I have found your videos, especially because I cant sing at all and I need help. I didnt even hear my voice until a few months. I was afraid I would sound horrible.I was right. My voice has a tendency to go higher, and somewhat I always sound flat - I feel like my voice has no power, and I cant control the notes. I would love to sing more in the classical, *choir* kind of way, but I am afraid my voice cannot reach that. Could you please tell me what could I do against the flatness?
Vocal Coach Donna Flynn Toronto
Hey G-roc. Glad you found them easy to understand. There is lots of info on my website. You will likely find something there that is useful to you. Donna 
Vocal Coach Donna Flynn Toronto
Hey Spazzcat03. Thanks for the videos. I received both of them. Looks like you are still have a blast with your singing. Awesome! Have a great summer.

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