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Published on Apr 19, 2012

Hey heavenangel sorry I WAS going to post this yesterday but my dad took away my laptop so smh.

Mileys POV: (Its friday btw)
I knocked on Demis door with Ashley and Tyler beside me. Demi opened the door wearing short jean shorts a tight tank top and a hoody. "Come on in." She said sweetly. "Everyone's playing just dance." We walked into the living room and saw Joe and Nick battling and their girlfriends about to pass out from laughter. "I'm next!" Demi called walking over and sitting on Selena's lap. Blech. "Partys here!" Shay yelled walking through Demi's side door. "Yes Shay come on in." Demi said sarcastically. Shay just stuck out her tongue and plopped down next to Demi and Selena. "OOh just dance I'm battling you." Shay said to Demi. "Okee Dokes." Demi said and poked Shay's forehead. I think Shay blushed? Wtf is going on? Whatever my minds just playing tricks on me. Shay and Demi battled in promiscous girl. Everyone could barely breathe it was so funny. Demi looked so sexy dancing... Anyways. Troian Lucy and their bfs came and we all talked and laughed Taylor and Nicole and Danny are actually pretty cool... I still hate Selena. I mean can you blame me? She has the love of my life in her arms. We heard the door open and Dallas's voice yell "Demz I'm home!" Demi got of Selenas lap and ran to hug Dallas. "Hey Dally." She mumbled into her chest. "Aww the demon has a heart." Nick said. Demi brought her head of Dallas's chest lifted her foot and threw her shoe at Nick. We all laughed.
End of POV

Dallas's POV:
Demi pulled away and walked back to Selenas Lap. I fake smiled at Selena. It's not that I don't like her but It's just Dem doesn't seem to be head over heels like she was for Miley. Plus Selena is a little possesive of Demi and it pisses me off. When Dem was with Miley she always had a lovesick grin on her face whenever they weren't kissing...which was rare. O.O Ewwww. Dem and Miles also would always have a sparkle in their eyes when they look at eachother. I just want the best for Dem. "Hey Miles." I said ruffling her hair. "Dem you want me to order pizza?" "Yes Please." She said smiling sweetly at me. I ordered the pizza then plopped down on a bean bag chair and started chatting with Danny.
End of POV

Demis POV:
After we ate pizza which included me giving Nick the evil eye MULTIPLE times we went to watch a Movie. "Lets watch a horror movie!" Ashley said eagerly. I shook my head furiously. "Aww its ok Babe I'll protect you." Sel said while I got comfy on her lap with a blanket. I saw Miley look at us Jealous? What? My minds just messing with me. "Come on Dem Please." Joe said putting his arm around Taylor and she put her head on her shoulder awww. Everyone stared at me expectantly gosh no pressure right Sheesh. "Fine." I mumbled crossing my arms and pouting. Ash poked me in the sides making me break my pout and giggle. Kevin put the movie in and dimmed the lights. "Nicky we need popcorn." I said to Nick. "Ugh why do I always have to get it?" Nick whined. I narrowed my eyes at him "Coming right up Dems." He said dashing to the Kitchen. Everyone laughed again. "Stop scaring my boyfriend." Nicole said pouting. I stuck my tongue out at her "It's not my fault you boyfriends a wuss." I said. "I heard that butthead!" Nick yelled. He came back with the popcorn and we started the scary movie. My grip tightened on Sels waist as we got further into the movie. A scary part came on and I whimpered and hid my face in the nape of her neck. Sel stroked my hair "Shhh it's ok baby." She whispered in my ear. I calmed down and cuddled into her more.
End of POV

Selena's POV:
The movie ended and I looked down to see Demi asleep on my shoulder. Everyone was going to watch another movie and I told them I'd take Demi up to bed. I set her down then picked her up bridal style Miley gave me yet another jealous glare, I just smirked at her. They didn't talk the whole night I think Demi is still mad at her for punching me for "no reason". Heh heh If I keep this up Demz will be mine forever. I carried Demi upstairs and into her room. I changed her into her pajamas and tried not to drool over her body. I put her in bed and pulled the covers over her. I then changed into some of her pjs and got and bed with her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and nuzzled my head in her hair. Mmm it smells like lemons. Words can not describe how beautiful my boo is inside and out. But as much as I don't wan't to believe it I can feel her slowly slipping away.
End of POV

To be continued...
Do you guys like Semi or Memi better?
What Do you guys think of Dallas?


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