Metal Gear Solid 2 - Full JFK/JD Codec Conversation Part 1 of 2





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Published on Nov 25, 2007

DO NOT SPREAD CONSPIRACY THEORIES OR YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. Yes, conspiracies are huge theme within the game and series, but this is NOT a platform to spam certain ones - better places for that other than a video about a video game. There's more to this video than just that. Otherwise thoughts on the full video are more than welcome, philosophical stuff is more than encouraged, just please keep the conversations civil and try to keep them related to what's presented in the video.

(Sorry, really, but I've had way too many rude jerks on here who have made it obvious they only want to listen to the points they're interested in, and most seem to be incapable of driving their point across without being rude or condescending to others. I don't tolerate that attitude on any video I upload. Believe me, I really would prefer otherwise. I don't expect you to agree with me, not that I'd want you to, but go for name-calling or personal attacks and you're gone.)

For questions concerning the background of the Metal Gear stories, characters and themes, I'd strongly recommend the Metal Gear Wikia since a lot of things are too long and detailed to fit here or in the comments.


The full conversation with the JFK AI/"Patriots" prior to the final battle in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty/Subsistence (which would be later retconned/renamed to be named JD in MGS4). I had wanted to upload the entire 12 minutes in one go, but due to YT's time restrictions at the time, that didn't exactly work. So it's split into two parts. Check out the video response for part 2.

I'll admit I was among those who didn't really 'get' everything when the game first came out in 2001, though I tried. But listening to this social/political/philosophical commentary again years later, now with a lot more knowledge of life, people and politics, there's a whole lot of stuff here that actually makes a lot of sense. To me at least: especially what's said about one's self, their inability to handle the truth, and lies and misinformation in our digital age. It's pretty spooky. Given its content I figure I'd upload the conversation in whole.

Yes, I'm also aware that "Rose's" eyes turn completely white at times, but forgot exactly when it occurred, and any zoom attempts were in vain. As for the red and blue lines, it must've been caused by YouTube conversion because they weren't in the original file. Unless the signal was intercepted. Maybe we really are being watched... I'm kidding. Really. It says at the beginning of the game this is fiction. Doy.


For those a bit unfamiliar, *SPOILERS* I can tell you that Raiden (main character in the game, right side) is a former child soldier who is carrying out what he thought was a simple mission to save the president by a group of terrorists, thought not all is what it seems. The president willingly allowed himself to get kidnapped, revealing a higher group is truly in charge of the U.S. and the world, and many terrible events that happened prior, including the current one, were in fact staged by this "formless" group, who go by "The Patriots". Solidus Snake, the leader of the terrorists, previous president, foster father to Raiden, and perfect clone of Big Boss, is actually determined to destroy them. But as Raiden is unwillingly fighting for them (his girlfriend Rose a part of them, and the revered Colonel a computer AI called GW taking his likeness), he views Raiden's death as necessary to achieve this goal. However, if Raiden dies, so does his recently-revealed pregnant girlfriend and the daughter of fallen ally Olga Gurlukovich. The Patriots power and control comes in controlling digital information, which include pre-determined presidential elections, and Raiden and his allies attempt to destroy the GW AI. After this is done with losses on both sides, before Solidus challenges Raiden in a fight to the death, Raiden is confronted by the head AI of the Patriots, JD, who explains their purpose and reason for existence. And their reasons aren't completely unfounded... and "their" true identity would be touched upon in sequels.

Enjoy yourselves, beloved monsters. And don't forget to watch Part 2!


Just so people know, "The Patriots" were conceived by Kojima so that Solidus Snake, who turned out to be something of a sympathetic villain, was not the absolute bad guy of the game. So keep that in mind...

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