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Uploaded on Aug 24, 2011

An Update 6/18/16:
Just to add, it isn't like I don't enjoy the popularity of this video - in fact, I'm very grateful that it has gotten so many views, likes and favorites - and it is a blessing that so many of you love it but let me just say that it gets REALLY REALLY REALLY ANNOYING when you all send me messages saying
1) What is the intro song's name? (btw, it is called "The 5th Melody of the Night" and I have listed the title in this description already)
2) Why did you disable the comments? (in the annotations, I stated the reason why)
I also get a bit offended and annoyed when these things not only end up in my messages but in comments on my other videos as well. When you put a comment related to this video on another creation of mine, it feels like a slap in the face, honestly - because you all don't even tell me what you though of that video; you only care about this one - and not only do I find it rude that you did that but it also makes me feel a bit hurt too.

This is not the only worthwhile creation I have ever made, so please stop doing that. =/

BUT, to those of you who have simply sent me messages telling me how much you liked this video, thank you. =3 Even if I don't reply, on behalf of all the others who took part in this project 5 years ago, we do appreciate it.
Just To Note (so I stop getting asked about this): This is a fan made video for an anime/manga called "Axis Powers Hetalia." You likely will not understand this if you have not seen or are a fan of Hetalia. This is a "MEP" (Multiple Editor Project) - meaning it is a video that was made by more than one person. The people other than me who were in this project are listed in this description. This video was made mainly with the programs photoshop, gimp and sony vegas (pro or platinum versions depending on the editor). Please don't ask where certain pics came from because I likely don't know and can't aid you in finding anything (nor will I send you anything)
TY to Sam for the idea of the MEP though she had to drop out of the final project in the end due to busy scheduling and was replaced by AmerikoTheHero. However, I give credit where credit is due as this is still basically something she gave birth to


I really do like the way this came out. When we began working on this MEP in June, I told all of the project members that they would need to compensate if the country the singer is singing about isn't personified in Hetalia. For those, I wanted people to try to use lesser characters that aren't already mentioned in the song - so you will see things like Turkey and Cuba for Jamaica and Puerto Rico and Ukraine for Brazil ^^

The universal one is Seychelles for the "Indian girl" since more than one part in the song had this line - so I specifically told everyone to use her ^-^ (and btw India was not an official character at the time of this video's conception)

There were a couple of unintentional repeated images in different parts, but all in all it's not too bad...

Song Source Credit:

Footage Source: Fanarts (And Animations) From APH (manga/anime)

These fanarts do not belong to us. They came from various internet sources, but mostly they were downloaded from google image results, photobucket, and zerochan.net. We did not ask permission from the original artists before using these fanarts, and tbh, we don't know who the artist is for most of these. However, if anything belongs to you personally and you happened to stumble across this video and would like to be properly credited, just send a PM to me (PirateNinjaKitteh) - this video is here to promote the artists' works and APH in general - we're not claiming it as our own (we only own the editing =3)

MEP Host/Coordinator



Intro - PirateNinjaKitteh
The song used is The 5th Melody of the Night (夜的鋼琴曲5) - you'll probably recognize it ^-^ (I didn't take an actual track in this due to "busyness" Q_Q)

1 - xVashAMV
2 - HistoireLolita
3 - XxLimechanxX
4 - xanimatedrejectx
5 - KlutzwithGoggles
6 - AmerikoTheHero
7 - ShootingStarz127


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