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Published on Nov 30, 2008

[joes and nat]
Joe and Natalie finally arrived to the restaurant. It was some what fancy and Natalie came in a pretty little cocktail dress. Joe wore a nice sweater-vest and some slacks. He reserved a table that was beautifully set up with roses and candles. He pulled out her chair and gave her a kiss before he sat down.

Nat: wow popstar. You really out did yourself this time.
Joe: [laughed] I love it when you call me that.
Nat: what? Did you think I was going to stop just because we got married?
Joe: I love it when you say were married.

He reached over and held her hands. He loved her so much. He was happy to see her back to her old self again. After they got married Joe made sure she became healthy again. They never ever talk about what happened with her and that guy but she still has a few nightmares here and there. She would call him in the middle of the night and he would be at her house in a flash. Even if it took him more than an hour to get there. She smiled at him and he melted.

Nat: what?
Joe: nothing. Im just happy we are together. Alone.

He raised and eyebrow at her and she laughed.

Nat: dont think so mister.
Joe: what I didnt even say anything!
Nat: dont need to. Your eyebrow did all the talking.
Joe: no one is going to be home tonight.
Nat: your point?
Joe: you are a mean woman.
Nat: joseph! We cant. What if they come home early? What if some one catches us?
Joe: fine. Psh.
Nat: hey you are the one that wanted to be all secretive.
Joe: Im this close to yelling it out to the world.
Nat: you cant.

There were rumours that joe and Natalie were dating. Actually people were pretty much positive and convinced they were a couple. But in true jonas fashion joe never admited it to anyone. His fans grew to like Natalie. She never did anything to them to think she was bad. Some even asked for her autograph when she was with joe. But no one knew they got married. Joe still wore his purity ring around his finger to keep the rumors from flying even if it wasnt necessary to wear. [what? Theyre married! Lol]

Joe: I hate when you tease me.
Nat: im not doing anything!

He laughed and their dinner came. They ate and just enjoyed each others company. Joe excused himself from the table and Natalie knew something was up when he took a while to come back from the bathroom. She was about to get up to look for him scared he was being mobbed by girls. But their waiter came and quickly sat her down. He pointed to the font of the stage and she sat back down confused. Someone walked up to a small area where the piano player was set up.

Guy [lol]: ok ladies and gentlemen do we have a treat for you. Tonight we have a special guest/performer joining us tonight. By his request he would like to perform something special.

Natalie looked on shocked as she saw joe walking up to the piano. A few young girls that were having dinner with their families shriek. And a lot of people clapped and cheered.

Joe: [cleared his throat] hello everybody. Hope you are having an amazing night. I know I am. I would just like to play this song. I recently wrote it. I had amazing inspiration. Tonight I want to show this special person that they mean the world to me. She is everything I ever asked for. And my world would be nothing without her.
Natalie smiled and couldnt help but tear up as he said those words to her. A few of the fans yelled out Natalies name knowing all to well she was the one he was talking about.

Joe: today is exactly 3 years that I met her. [dont trust my math lol] since the day I laid eyes on her I knew she was different. Since the first time I spent time with her I knew she was amazing. And the day I made her mine I knew she would change my world. She has been there through the tough times and has been amazing. I love you baby.

Joe began on the piano and sang his song.
[song in videoIll only put the chorus lol its EVERYTHING by MICAHEL BUBLE]

In this crazy life,
through these crazy times
Its you. Its you
You make me sing
Youre every line
Youre every word
Youre everything.

He walked back to the table with Natalie and she hugged him and gave him a kiss.
Nat: thank you.
Joe: anything for you babe.
She leaned back and pulled on his tie as he still had her wrapped in his arms.
Nat: ya know..no one is at my house tonight.
Joe: is that so. [chuckled.]
Nat: mmmhmmm.
She ran her fingers up his tie to his cheek and rested her hands on his face. She gave him a kiss and pulled back.
Nat: what do you say we get out of here. [she whispered inches from his face.]
Joe: dont have to tell me twice.
She laughed and Joe grabbed her hand and they went home.
Sorry I didnt post more last night. My internet went down. Boo! But I didnt write a lot so expect more! Oh and I dont think Im going to make these graphic. Too awkward lol so just use your imagination. lol


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