Him. Novel 3 P.1





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Published on Jul 16, 2012

Josh's POV

"So Selena.."

"What Joshua?"

"I want you to meet my parents"

"We aren't even together" She said giving me a stank face.

"True..but you have to meet my parents"

"That's your girlfriend's job hon."

"Want an application?"

I smirked as she slapped me upside the head ; "Well...I just met you yesterday but since your so cute and I need a boyfriend right now okay!"

I smiled and placed my hand on hers. "So can I call you babe? Or Sely?"

She smiled and ran her hands down my arm ; "I guess so!"

"Well can I do this?" I leaned in and pecked her lips (OOOOOOH :D)

She giggled and smiled very hard ; "I think so."

"Get a room!" yelled a stranger.

Selena looked at me and laughed , I did the same.

Selena's POV
I think Josh has a cute personality . I am not desperate! I just need a boyfriend because I want one !

"Soo..babe, What are you doing tomorrow?"

"Uh.. I dunno what are YOU doing tomorrow?

"Going school shopping."

He chuckled and kissed my cheek. "Well can I go with?"

I raised my eyebrows and laughed . "Of course!"

"Well where do you live?"


He glared at me and began poking my sides ; "Wheere?"

"1826 Hennessy Road!"

"Okay then!"

"Well where do you live?" I asked poking HIS sides.


I laughed and pushed him. "That's nasty!"

"I know it is , which is why I said it. I'm very freaky." (he bout that life tho. No lie!)

"Okay? So you bout that life Joshy-Woshy?" (lol)

"Don't call me that , Sely-Wely." He chuckled, I pouted.
"That's not even cute!" I said nudging him in the arm.

"Neither is the one YOU gave me!" He said emphasizing the 'YOU'.

Aww shucks, this is how all couples start out.

He grabbed my hand and stood up so I stood up with him.

"Where are we going?"

"Somewhere special?"


He laughed and looked at me , "Naa Shawty"

"Then where?"

"You'll see dang!"

He started walking to a car.


I gasped , "Oh my gosh baby is that a Jaguar!?"

He popped his invisible collar and laughed "You know it!"


"Well get in girl!" He said motioning for my to get in.

"You have to unlock it"...........
"Oh yeah!" He did a nervous chuckle and unlocked it.

"You know how to drive this?" I asked cautiously before stepping into the vehicle.

"Yes now get in the car woman!" He said coming over and shoving me into the car.

"Eh? Ow. And sheesh."

He got in the on the other side and put the key in the ignition.

"Pray for me!"

"Wait what?"

He started driving the car, at 44mph

"Josh this car is very fast like. So be careful"

"I gots this gurl!"

I scoffed and laughed.

"it's right down the street so.." He pushed his foot on the pedal harder and started driving 77mph .

"Josh?!?! Are you crazy?"

"Were here!" He said looking at my smirking.

I sat back with a sigh of relief.

I looked up and saw a big screen with a movie about to play.

"Oh my gosh! Is this happening?"

"Aww you don't like it?"

"Hell fuck that! I love it!"

"The Last Holiday" began playing .

"Oh wow Josh I love this movie!"

"I know so."

I looked at him , "How?"

"I saw that you were watching it on your phone "

I laughed and sighed ; "Once a creeper ALWAYS a creeper."

He licked my cheek and put his finger of my lips "Shush."


Josh's POV

I chuckled.

1 hours and 22 minutes later................................................



"This was sweet of you.."

She was wrapped up in my arms and on my lap but sort of laying on me.

"I know..."

She smiled and clapped as the movie went off.

"That was a good movie tho!"

I smiled and ran my fingers through her short curly hair.

She looked up at my into my eyes.

Play this while reading:D (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D9ElO... ) .

I stared back into her pretty big brown eyes that anyone could die for.

She smiled and leaned in closer to me.
I did the same.

I grabbed her waist and sat her in the back seat, I climbed back there.

She grabbed my hand and I grabbed hers and crashed my lips onto hers.

Our fingers were linked together.

Selena grabbed my face and pushed her back onto the seat.

We were making out , this felt right and seductive (:DDDDD).

We were positioned like this : http://wwwdelivery.superstock.com/WI/... (lmao that's not them tho and it's night time)

I closed my eyes and moved her body so that she was on top.


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