Enemies Attract [Nick Jonas Bad Boy Story] Chapter 54





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Published on Jan 7, 2010

[Nick's P.O.V.]

Maddy and I walked hand-in-hand back to my car, happier than ever. Well, I was at least. I finally got her back... and I wouldn't mess everything up this time. I honestly think I'm truly, 100% in love with this girl.

I drove us to her house first and walked with her to her front door.
"I'm taking you out tonight."
"Nick, there's no need-"
"Be ready at about six-ish, and dress... somewhat nice."
"You've already taken me to the beach today, why don't we just hang out or something?"
"Because. I'll see you at six," I said as I kissed her cheek. She defeatedly sighed and nodded before stepping into her house. I got in my car and drove across the street.
"How was the beach?" Kevin asked, washing his truck. I got out of my car smiling. "Let me guess... you two are dating again?" I kept a smile on face and nodded.
"Yes we are, and it's staying like that." He smiled.
"Well, good luck with that, bro."

I walked inside the house and saw Ali talking to Frankie.
"Hey Nick..." she said with a smile, fixing her hair. I really, really didn't like her like that. That's like, having a crush on your sister. It's just not right.
"Hey Ali, Frankie," I said with a smile. Frankie looked at me suspiciously.
"Why are you so happy?" he asked. I shrugged and walked into the kitchen. Mom was cooking something.
"Have fun at the beach?"
"Mhm, definitely."
"You and Maddy are dating again," Joe said. I looked at him weirdly. He rolled his eyes and turned the computer towards me. There were the pictures of Maddy and I kissing, hugging, splashing, running around, and then a couple with me on top of her. They were on some lame gossip site, of course. To be honest, I didn't really care. We're happy and that's all that matters right now.
"Yep, we are."
"That's great, but now EVERYBODY is gonna know. You know how much drama that's gonna cause for us? Not to mention all the death threats Maddy's gonna get."
"Joe, who really cares if everyone knows we have girlfriends? It's not like they can do anything about it, and half the time they're happy about it."
"Still dude-"
"Boys, drop it. It's not a big deal," mom said. I smiled and walked off to go hang out with Ali.

[Madison's P.O.V.]

Later, I started getting ready for wherever Nick was taking me. Did all the usuals: shower, makeup, hair... you know. I looked through my closet for something somewhat nice. I didn't really know what he meant by 'somewhat nice' but, I decided to go with a simple black dress that had spaghetti straps and came down about mid-thigh. I slipped on black heels, the earrings Nick got me a little while ago, and also the necklace he got me. I already had the bracelet he got me on; I've never removed it. I grabbed my jacket and purse then walked downstairs.
"You look gorgeous," Brittany said when she saw me. [A.N.- I don't know if you guys remember Brittany, but it's Maddy's sister.] I smiled.
"You and Nick going somewhere?"
"Yeah, he just won't tell me where though." She smiled.
"Well, have fun."

A couple minutes later, there was a knock on the door. I opened it and saw Nick standing there in black dress pants, black dressy shoes, and a tucked in white button-down shirt. He smiled at me.
"You look beautiful..." he said. I smiled at him.
"And you look very handsome," I said. He held his arm out for me to latch on to as we walked towards... a limo?!
"You got a limo?" I asked as the driver opened the door for us.
"Mhm, surprised?" he asked as we slid inside it. I looked around, shocked.
"Uh-huh." He smiled and intertwined our hands.
"So, where are we going?"
"You'll see."

I said I would post yesterday, but I had major computer problems. Someone was hacking our PC and was messing with our internet and crap, so my Mac didn't have any internet.
It was GAY.
So only 5 more subbers and I'll have a marathon... so maybe the marathon will be tomorrow?
Oh, and that new story I'll be writing with Briiarnaa; bad or good boy story? Please leave a comment.

Alright, so I just wanted to say HEY LIZZIE! I actually met this girl at Nick's concert in Nashville and... long story short, she reads my stories! xD
40+ comments.
5 more subs = marathon. :D
Random Q: has it been snowing where you live? It is here a lot. :D


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