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Uploaded on May 21, 2011

yo guys i'm here chaging up this description because organization.
I remember recording this. Just a sick day and I was knee-deep in the MLP fandom. I had just recently read cupcakes, and while not disturbed by it, I was no fan. I can't remember where I found some Cupcakes The Musical lyrics, but I found them and I wanted to look this up on YouTube. After I found these lyrics, I decided to do a little cover.

Welp, look where we are now. I seriously did not expect this to get very popular. It was just a little cover I recorded while sick and in one shot. The echo might be a bit much too. I think it's about due for a remake soon.

Original Lyrics: KitsuneCentral
These Lyrics: SourceMachinimaMaker
Vocals: SailorDigiMoon
Original: Want You Gone - Jonathan Coulton (Portal 2 Ending Song)
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?y9n6gugsw5g...

Well here we are at last
You always were a pleasure
Are you wondering why you're in a vice?
Oh how we laughed and laughed
Except, you're not laughing?
What's the matter Rainbow Dash, am I not being nice?

I need you for harvesting
That's what I'm planning on
Sorry your number came up
Oh, I'll be sad when you're gone

She was a lot like you
(But you're not quite as heavy)
I chopped up poor Gilda to feed to you
But then I burned her meat
And now she's gone forever
You will not follow suit, that much I will promise you

I know this is quite shocking
That's what I'm betting on
This is the end my Dashie
Nopony will know you're gone

So long my bestest friend
Well, duh, of course I meant you!
That would be funny, if it weren't so sad
You cannot be replaced
But it's too late for that now
When I go eat you, maybe I'll start feeling real glad

You'll be baked into cupcakes
That's what I'm planning on
I want you inside of me
Oh, I feel sad when you're gone
Nopony will know you're gone
Ah, we will soon be as one

My opinion on cupcakes right now is kinda like "oh hey cupcakes cool", but it's really no big deal now. It's a fun little read I think, but I'm not even that into mlp anymore so it's kinda eh for me. Still, I'll probably remake this since I'm not too pleased with this version (or the other one). So look out for that in the future I suppose!!

Anyways, enjoy!


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