Genesis- In That Quiet Earth (drums by Jouxplan)





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Published on Nov 23, 2011

Here is something very different! First, it shows off my new drum software - hope you like the sound of the Gretsch kit! And second, you get a split screen in the second clip and two drummers! My skills with iMovie clearly are improving :-)

This has all been taken from the 'soon' to be released iGenesis video of the Genesis 1986 In The Cage Medley. The 1986 USA leg of the Tour comprised In The Cage, Quiet Earth, Apocalypse in 9/8 and then Eggs is Eggs (Supper's Ready). By the time they got to Europe in '87 they dropped the Supper's ready bits and used Afterglow - the version most people are more familiar with (though frustratingly ommitted from the DVD of the Wembley show you could get).

I think Phil played the hectic section of Quiet Earth slightly differently every show - if you compare this 1986 performance with the 1987 Wembley version, it is a different drum part! The bit where he purposely starts to go off the beat and hit accents all over the place is just crazy! I don't know how he used to get himself out of it time after time - but then he is Phil Collins!

I am purposely not playing an exact replica of his 1986 performance here. I used the backing track as a guide. For example, you can hear an enormous pair of open hi hat hits he does as a cue (I think) to the bit where the snare goes all over the beat - I don't play those two hat hits. I repeat - my performance was done for iGenesis, and is not meant to be a replica!

I have always loved the bit when Chester comes in. The POWER of that bit just makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I love it. I had a lot of fun playing along with myself - it is surprisingly difficult to get things tight, especially those big tom / bass drum fills. Really shows how much of a complimentary groove thing Phil and Chester had going on.

Sharp eyed viewers may spot that in the short section of Apocalypse in this video, there are some huge open hi hat sounds, that neither version of 'me' is doing. Correct. Well done! Again, these are the sounds of Phil on the backing track, and I have not copied them - I wanted to play it differently for iGenesis. All will be revealed in the next video :-)

Anyway, please excuse the editing skills, (frustratingly, the YouTube conversion of my original split screen has put Chester slightly out of synch. Pants. I will do my best to correct this on the Apocalypse video).

Try and listen on headphones or epic speakers. The Gretsch sounds fantastic, if you ask me. I have panned Phil's Gretsch to the left and Chester's Premier to the right - though like an idiot and just to confuse you I placed 'Phil' on the right of the screen! I'll correct this for Apocalypse.

For those who are interested - I am using Sonic Reality's Drum Master's 2 NDV Signature Gretsch Kit. This is marketed as a Phil Collins replica vintage kit :-) I also have their signature vintage Premier kit.

This is software that sits on my MacBook Pro. It uses Kontakt 4s Infinite Player. The sound generator of the Roland TD20 brain is bypassed, and a midi line is taken out the back of the TD20 and into an M-Audio Fastrack interface, and then into my laptop. When I hit say the snare drum, this triggers the Gretsch snare sound in Kontakt's Infinite Player Library on my laptop. That sound then comes out of the speakers, headphones or into recording software. Latency is incredible - as in I can't tell that there is a time lag.

I record the drums using Apple's Logic Express with the Kontakt Player plug-in. It's all in midi. It's incredible.

The single most incredible thing though is that I ever managed to work out how the hell to do it all :-)

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