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Published on Mar 4, 2013

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By Jon Kelly, UFO Examiner
In an exclusive interview released March 4, 2013, a Mobile, Alabama senior citizens caregiver described growing up as an empath and contactee by relating a series of encounters with entities from other dimensions that began in early childhood. Richard Pangan explained how these incidents involving reptilians, psychokinesis, Nordics, telepathy, UFOs and seeing the moon from the inside of a spacecraft during his one-hour talk with the "Secret Message Report" podcast.

"He looked me in the eyes and I was sent electricity," recalled the interior design and auto enthusiast.

Reportedly, it was at the age of three when Richard Pangan first experienced contact with an ancient Egyptian-styled "Snake King." The contact precipitated a demonstration of psychokinesis reminiscent of a scene from the 1977 film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."

Toy Motility

In the film, character three-year-old Barry Guiler of Muncie, Indiana is awakened in the night when his toys start operating on their own in a way that foreshadows approaching contact with ETs. Empath Pangan stated "I believe this reptilian Snake-King allowed me a passage to use this type of energy. I looked back at the toy, started focussing and the toy [without batteries] started crawling again."

Click here to watch an exciting YouTube preview of "UFO and ET Contacts in Mobile, AL: Empath Richard Pangan on the Secret Message Report." During this exclusive interview, the senior citizens caregiver tells of his experiences with reptilians, psychokinesis, Nordics, telepathy, UFOs, seeing the moon from the inside of a spacecraft and much more

Sounds of Music

A schoolyard encounter with a blue spandex-wearing Nordic being "from the future" who touched his shoulder incited a "download" of "every piece of information" the empathy believes one might require in an entire lifetime. "It was kind of like a train going through my head with classical masterpieces and landmarks of information. I started hearing music composed by masters. Art, everything just became clear."

The seniors caregiver's family and friends were having contacts of their own including a luminous presence that interrupted an after-school gathering at home. "My cousin was in his bedroom playing his video games. He said that a red light came into his room and scanned his eyes. He looked out the window and [saw] a UFO" go over the neighbor's house.

From this nearby perspective, his cousin told the other boys how he could see that the UFO had hieroglyphs, a door and columns on its exterior making it resemble what could be construed as an ancient Mediterranean temple-like craft.

Waking Up

It was only a matter of months before waking up during night-time contacts allowed Richard Pangan to gauge where these events were leading him. "I was on the spacecraft," he told the "Secret Message Report."

"I'm walking around with beings. They're not like us but for some reason, I'm not scared. They're educating me. They're showing me what I believe could have been the bottom half of the moon. Or it could have been some kind of TV projection. They were calling it different names.

"I looked over to my right and I realized my aunt's [his primary caregiver] not anywhere near me and I'm in a spacecraft. You can actually feel yourself that far away from home. I look over to my right and there's an alien. They're looking back at me. They knew that I had just snapped out of the vibration that they had me in. They didn't want me to remember.

"The alien told me, telepathically, he looked at me and goes "Your vibration cannot be here. We have to get you back home."

Click here http://jonkelly.typepad.com/radio/201... to listen to "UFO and ET Contacts in Mobile, AL: Empath Richard Pangan on the Secret Message Report", an exclusive 60-minute podcast interview with host and executive producer, Jon Kelly. Testimony from the senior citizens caregiver relates personal experiences with reptilians, psychokinesis, Nordics, telepathy, UFOs, seeing the moon from the inside of a spacecraft and much more (subscription required).

Click here http://jonkelly.typepad.com/radio/201... to continue reading this article on the Secret Message Report website (subscription required).


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