Jersey Boys - Jonas Brothers Love Story - 31





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Published on Jun 10, 2008

They all go back into the girl's room and start to clear out the area so they can play.

Hannah : Hmmm. One, two three NOT IT!
Joe : Not it!
Nick : Not it.
Hannah : HA! Bekah you're it!!!!!!!
Bekah : UGH! Fine...

Joe, Hannah and Nick go hide in the dark. Bekah counts to 60 and then starts looking for them.

Bekah : Ready or not! Here I come!!!!!!

Bekah looks for about 5 minutes and doesn't find anyone. She thinks about giving up then she hears Nick cough. She laughs and looks under the table. She moves her hand around and smacks some one in the face.

Nick : Ow!
Bekah : Sorry Nick!
Nick : It's okay. I will help you find Hannah and Joe.
Bekah : This is harder than it seems!
Nick : We will find them eventually

Bekah and Nick look for about 15 minutes and they start to get really mad.

Bekah (whispering) : I am just going to quit!
Nick (also whispering) : Lets just turn on the lights k?
Bekah : Ok! *Turns on the lights*
Nick : Where are they?
Bekah : I don't know, I'll check my room, you check Hannah's
Nick : They're not in here...
Bekah : They aren't in here either..
Nick : Where are they?
Bekah : Did they leave?
Nick : I didn't hear the door.. But we can check

Bekah and Nick look outside the hotel room and do not see them anywhere.

Nick : This is dumb!
Bekah : Lets check in your room

Bekah and Nick go to the boys room and look for Hannah and Joe there. They open up Nick's door and see Hannah and Joe making out on his bed.

Hannah : Ugh! Privacy PLEASE!
Nick : Uh, number one, MY room
Bekah : And two, why did you freakin' quit the game?!
Joe : We wanted to make out, DUH!
Bekah : You guys are pathetic
Hannah : Fine, lets play your dumb little game
Nick : It was Joe's idea to play anyway.
Joe : So, I got bored.
Bekah : I don't care, lets play again!

They all go back and start to play again. This time Nick is 'it.'

Nick counts and then starts looking for everyone.

Bekah is hiding under a table and feels someone touch her hand. She grabs it. The hand takes her back to a bed.

Bekah is thinking ... OH MY GOSH! I cannot believe Nick is actually wanting to make out! WOW!

They start kissing and then start making out. Bekah starts playing with Nick's hair.

Bekah is thinking ... WOW! His hair is sooo soft and silky. And OH so straight! Wait.. Straight..

Bekah : JOE?!?
Joe : WHAT THE --

Nick hears a scream and turns on a light. Nick and Hannah both see Bekah on top of Joe.

Hannah : WHAT THE HECK!?
Bekah : EW!
Nick : Joe! What are you doing!?
Joe : I really thought it was Hannah. I thought the kissing was a little different...
Bekah : Um EW!
Joe : Well this is awkward..
Nick : Bekah, lets just go back to my room mmk? No more Joe for you tonight *laughs*
Bekah : Well this was definitely the grossest thing I have ever done, or will ever do. Goodnight Hannah

Bekah and Nick go back to Nick's room. Hannah and Joe stay in Hannah's room.

Haha, hope you liked it!



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