Golpe de Estado - Immortal Technique Ft. Temperamento y Veneno





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Uploaded on Apr 14, 2010

THE 3RD WORLD - 2008

Vuelve Immortal Technique acompañado de los beats de Dj Green Lantern, Shuko y Bronze Nazareth entre otros. Recién salido del horno, este preludio a su "Revolutionary vol. 3" trae buenas producciones y colaboraciones. El álbum viene acompañado de un tema completamente en español: "Golpe de estado" donde Technique nos demuestra que su flow no pierde calidad cuando cambia de lengua y donde se marca un estribillo que ya querrían muchos...

Unfortunately, the conditions we are living in,
have come to be an unbearable misery for the people,
but there still are
some egocentric nation-sellers,
that still believe in a society of the past,
where the artists where workforce for the industry
that dream is now over,

And now we find ourselves awaken,
in the hour of revolution,
because we can't call this a movement,
if all the intellectual property belongs
to those who are keeping us down!

[Immortal Technique:]
They bought our soul cheaply,
they are even extracting our blood out
they attack and with a contract they catch you,
but theyll kill me first, brother
Because I prefer to die fighting
than to be a slave

Dirty industry, take some acid rain
Learn the history of classic hip hop
When they control business and culture
Music becomes commercial garbage

And the Latin American queen
that is being painted like a chicken,
It is more than ballerina or a whore on the corner,
She is a lawyer, teacher, mother, soldier,
And she carries our future when she is pregnant

Look at our people, crucified
And the disgusting way
That these dogs arent talking about anything
More than the jewelry and richness
That the people don't have
So now you are gonna see
The violence thats rising up



A movement of truth has begun
We left the corrupt empire chopped up
Coup d'etat shooting the president
It is time for revolution again!

A movement of the people has gathered
fighting, liberating the enslaved masses,
Coup d'etat and we will be free,
It is time for revolution again!


Verse 2 (Veneno-Venom)


??? Spanish without ???
"move the humps"
YOU, use your head
Your mind, train it
Not to dance
But to learn
This industry embaresses me,
Same shit, (Same shit)

The same as always
I ain't tripping (Note: The real translation is "I don't bite my tounge", but it could just

as well be "I ain't tripping")
You walk in the 'hood
And hide your clothes,
Tell the press:
Venom the "guerillero" has arrived!
With the Immortal,
And the goverment's already scared

Gotta pay to get play,
Here and in United States,
Im not interested in being the King

With the Latino on the way
Without code??
So whatsup?
With ??????? get loose,

Venom, Fire,
The rhymes pour down as ???
Your flow,
Lil Mamma ("mamita") ???????

Coup d'etat
We infiltrated the industry!

-- repeats chorus --



coup d'etat,
the market has me mad angry,
the bad guy,
i paint the painting
and this hood is already tired,

i swear, what i sweat is pure,
you are fools who sell your ass
to the reggaeton!

Open your eyes
like the label president
i break his neck
just by using my canon,

i am the sickness
the saga, the nine plagues
the same word that in the bible
that talks about armageddon,

get your game up, man
they have you hipnotized
on pause,
getting doped up
with the season,

to fight it doesnt mean
that you are a ???
you doent like to be called a hoe,
listen to this song,

that dance is so ugly
that with double-sense
they tell your kids not to use a condom,

??? and the captain, immortal,
are gonna shout loud,
for the revolution to live!


All the Caribe
All Central America
All South America

And remember
If you're not talking about the masses,
About the people:

Your not an Artist, man.


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