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Published on Sep 7, 2012

Inconsiderate people are a blight on the human condition, and confronting them is still seen as taboo. I wonder why?

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One time I was at Olive Garden and a table of drunk girls were belting out "Baby" by Justin Bieber about once every 5 minutes. Is it coincidental that I got food poisoning?
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As a person who speaks very loudly, I don't think everyone who is loud is an egotistical asshole. I don't speak, I mean shout, my conversations on purpose, I just forget myself... most of the time.
Ryan Laughlin
ok so this fuckwad and i got into an argument because of a you mama joke i made to one of my friends who can actually take a joke and then he makes fun of my disability and i try to go back to my desk and relax (we were having a free day) and then he makes fun of my father who killed himself and proceeds to say it was my fault he killed himself and without even thinking i punched him straight in the face and he left the room bawling like a bitch i dont care what anyone else says he deserved that also the teacher didn't even give a shit. 
So I was in a train flying to the moon while I met a douchey cat that would not shut up so I punched it in the face and threw it with so much force it flew out of the Milkshake Galaxy.
You are not Anonymous
This was your typical Douche bag at school, he would often times push me and call me names from afar with his friends, one time he got another of his friends to attack me, claiming that his friend was a pussy. I didn't fight back because that wasn't me, I didn't want to do that and any attempt to fight back would have made my situation worse considering they out numbered me, so instead I waited for my chance of revenge. Two years would pass before I would get my chance, I would be in year ten at this stage and for a time his verbal and physical attacks had grown worse, until that is in year ten when it appeared as if he had stopped entirely. It had turned out that he had gained himself a girlfriend, this was a young lady I knew he had a crush on for years and he seemed so happy to be with her. I knew now was my time to strike. I plotted my course carefully has I followed the two of them walking home together, first he would drop her off home, then he would head home himself which was a short walk away. Once he got to his house I noticed several factors about just the state of the house that would allow me to peek into his personal life, garbage and car parts scattered across their front yard most of said garbage being liquor bottles, their wooden fence was cracked and mostly broken, one of their windows had a hole in it and black tape was placed to patch the hole, all these features and more I noted as I waited in a section of bush of their overgrown yard. As night fall crept closer I could hear the happenings going on inside of the house, most notably the constant yelling, yelling over everything, yelling over T.V., over dishes, over school fees, over bad behavior and even yelling over the state of their house which they had trashed themselves. I believe I had gathered enough information to assess what needed to be done, that night I walked back to the douches girlfriend's house, I peeked in through her window and watched her for a few minutes, 'Foolish girl.' I thought to myself as she had her back turned to her own, wide open window while she typed away on her laptop in front of her totally oblivious to my presence. 'Now is my chance!' I thought to myself as I quietly reached in stretching as far as I can into her room, with scissors ready in my other hand, which I had pulled form my backpack moments before, I grasped the young girls hair and cut a handful of long dark brown strands, the moment she felt me pull at her hair however she screamed an almost deafening scream. Her father burst into the room only to spot a mere dark glimpse of me fleeing the scene while his daughter dared not look back and ran out of her room as her father followed me in quick pursuit. Managing to stay a good distance ahead of the man I quickly turned into the messy lawn of my enemy's home and scattered a noticeable amount of the hair by an open window. I quickly took cover in the bush I had used earlier with the young ladies father showing up only mere seconds after I manage hide myself. He was easily able to notice the hair due to the white glow of a nearby street lamp the man looked furious and stomped to the front door, he began yelling loudly while smashing the door. The door was quickly answered by an equally loud and quite drunk shirtless man who appeared to keep personal hygiene and self grooming low on his list of priorities, I used their noise to mask my escape as I hurried home taking a longer route home than usual. The next day at school, news had reached me of how my plan had unraveled after my disappearance, the high-school douche showed up to class with a black eye and several bruises, several times he looked as if he was on the verge of tears. I had heard later that day that the young ladies father forced his daughter to break up with my enemy and forbade her from ever speaking to him again, not that she would anyway, she was convinced he had attempted to rape her and this was something she had no worries warning others about! The news made me erect, I housed a boner within my pants the felt far more solid than anything I had ever touched in my life, I was so happy this day. After class I approached my bully and gazed into his eyes, he looked broken, shattered even. "Hey, I got a new necklace yesterday." I stated clearly yet quietly to him when no one else was around. "I don't give a fuck!" he replied with a tone of anger. "Oh but I think you will!" I stated clearly as I pulled the lace from around my neck, tied to it was several long strands of dark brown hair. I grasped the hair of the necklace and gently rubbed it against my cheek, the look on his face was one I could not describe, however merely imagining that look would be enough to get me erect even in my old age now. He looked too shocked to even speak, it was at this time I'd deliver my final, threatening lines, something I've saved from even the readers of this tale, something I found out while snooping around his house that would give me absolute authority and power over him for the rest of our time in school together, I hushed to a whisper and took a confident step closer to the miserable douche in front of me. "open the door / get on the floor /everybody walk the dinosaur."
Yes, happens in China all the time.  You'll be riding down the street quietly on your bicycle, and then someone will shout something super loud in Chinese that causes you to turn your head only to see they were talking to someone who was standing right next to them.
pull a chainsaw from the ass dimension.
Two douche bags were running around a small classroom and one of them tried to push me out of the way so I beat the shit out of that little prick.
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Met a dude outside a Subway as he was coming out and I was going in, and without warning, he leans over sorta shuves me out of the way of the door, pulls me aside and goes "Woah dude what are you doing? Don't fuckin' go in there man! They're selling meat and not telling anyone about this." He was one of those homeless-looking people; kinda crazy looking, and I didn't want to act like a dick to this person in public. I just said "Ok, man that's cool." And walked past him into the store. Next thing I know, he's sat outside bothering everyone whos coming in and out of the store with "Hey! Don't go in there!" and "Nice sandwich man. Meat shouldn't be a secret!" Crazy fucking people.
Anastasia Procner
TJ, I love you man. This is exactly how I feel. And yes, it should be legal to attack m*****f*****s like that with a chainsaw.
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