No One Ganks Like Garen - Songs of the Summoned 2 Parody





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Published on Aug 9, 2011

League of Legends - Songs of the Summoned 2 contest (parody entry)
"No One Ganks Like Garen"
a parody of Disney's "Gaston" from "Beauty and the Beast"

Vadorojo (NA) [vocals, pronounced Spanish-style 'vah-doh-ROH-hoh']
WildJane (NA) [piano]
MrHokage (NA) [sound editing]

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Gosh it disturbs me to see you Garen
Hiding alone in the brush
Enemies coming to facecheck are doomed
'First Blood' is yours in a rush

There's no champ in LoL half as OP as you
You're the reason that Amumu cries
You cause all your foes to ragequit and QQ
and it's not very hard to see why ...

No one ganks like Garen
Newbie spanks like Garen
In a big team fight nobody tanks like Garen

For there's no champ in LoL half as manly
Perfect! A pure paragon!
You can ask AP carries like Annie,
and they'll tell you who's team they prefer to be on!

No one yells like Garen
Silences spells like Garen
Takes ratings right out of ELO hell like Garen

I'm especially good at kill stealing
First Blood for Garen!

Down 9 towers and 3 inhibs, Garen is so fed that you spend your time dead!

No one crits like Garen
Takes last hits like Garen
All while giving his enemies fits, that Garen!

For there's no DPS quite so brawny
As you see I've got HP to spare
build him crit, AD he's oh-so-pwny
You know he's so OP that it's not even fair!

No one spins like Garen
No one grins like Garen
3v3, 5v5 no one wins like Garen

I'm especially good at ROFLstomping
Pentakill for Garen!

When I was a newb I bought a Doran's Blade at the shop before heading to lane
But now that I'm 1337 I buy boots and 3 pots and harass 'til my foes are insane!

No one wards like Garen
Wields big swords like Garen
In a 1v5 no one's as bored as Garen

I've flat AD in all my ruuuuuuune pages!

My what a guy, Garen


I wish I had the time, software and the video editing skills to put together a montage of in-game footage of Garen pulling off the stunts described, but I sadly don't. If you're inspired to do so, have at it!


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