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Published on Aug 17, 2010

Please, don't leave...


An mmv about some of my fav Hetalia characters, and theirkinda sad past. I still suck att mmvs, but I think I might be getting better :D
All you want to know is probably in the video ^^

If you'd like to add an annotation, send a pm and I'll give you the link ^^

I own nothing, all pictures goes to their respective owner, and music to their creator.

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That was so beautiful! And that last picture took my breath away. It was an amazingly well done AMV that begs the question. Who had it worst? China had a huge loving family and they stabbed him in the back and left. Russia never had a family and when he finally managed to get one it was a parody of what it should have been, quickly crumbling down. And Britain had a family but never got along with them, he managed to find some one to be close with but they ended up leaving him anyways. So who had it worst?
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My feels are dead... Again.. Time to buy some more from the happy shop or something. Anyways, I can imagine this song playing during one of the World Wars. I can see explosions in the background and it dark an' misty. Every now and then, the scene cuts to different nations that had to go through all of this.... Every now and then, they're crying nonstop. Dust from the bombs and gunfire or whatever was used is in the air and distant explosions were being seen and heard of... Beginning to die down. I SHALL NOT GO FURTHER, I AM DONE, ITS LIKE FREAKIN ALMOST 11 AND GOODNIGHT I AM FINISHED!
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уєℓℓσω νιχєη
What would it take... ...for there to be no war?
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Hasami Akihana
Anime just inspires me so much... Yeah sure it can be random Or just pure fanservicing Or it breaks the laws of physics And makes absolutely no sense But I really do think that anime brings a side To prove that some things are possible Or maybe not OTL But still the fact that They change someone's life is incredible. The romance The feels The comedy I love every side to it But sometimes there are anime that can be serious if you tried Just like Hetalia I actually never appealed to it at first I was just like WTF am I watching...? But somehow watching to the end I found myself unable to detach from it I was reading fanfics Looking up fanart Listening to songs Heck, I was even OBSESSED when I found Hetaloid! :D I'm glad my dad actually approves of anime He watched a lot of the mainstream anime like Naruto and One Piece when I was younger and I was aloud to stay up till 9, sometimes lucky up to 10. Anime, I love you :DDD <3 P.S I just felt like typing something inspirational don't mind me XD //shot
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Nepeta Leijon
That moment when the feels hit you so damn hard.
Timber Wolfe
The cause of my death will be 'Hetalia Angst' I swear to god...
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♡ Severa ♡
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magical Maiyuu
I am not crying i am not crying :'(
Yuuri Katsuki
russia is my soft spot so i was sobbing through most of it
Olivia Walker
It feels like I just got punched in the heart.... Damn
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