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Pubblicato il 8 ott 2008

Near Naples, in the hinterland between the regions of Naples and south of Caserta,
there is a piece of area which has been called, "the land of fires"

This name was used for the first time by the journalist and writer, Roberto Saviano, in his book, "Gomorrah".

In that book, Saviano described the unlawful and appaling exploitation of a vast land where
all sorts of industrial waste products are being burned all the time.

The most affected area is Giuliano, a town with 112.000 inhabitants who have no choices
but to breathe the dangerous smoke coming out from all those never ending fires.

Where there is asbestos-based materials too, such as eternit, a material largely used to build roof
and other products for construction in the past.

Hence, among the waste, which is being burned, there is material particularly harmful for
the environment and the people living there.

What the people, living in the land of fires, are witnessing is a real disaster for the environment.
Everything is carefully reported by the association called La terra dei fuochi land of fires
in their website:!

The Association is on the frontline in spreading the information, which is currently online,
out to the mass media both in Italy and abroad.
The aim is to reach as many people as possible, so that the government can no longer ignore
the grave situation in the area and will be pushed to promptly implement effective actions.


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