CUSTOM 2010 Chevy Camaro on 32" FORGIATOS - 1080p HD





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Published on Jun 28, 2012

Custom 10' Chevrolet Camaro RS lifted on some 3 pc. chrome Forigato Enzo 32's.. Massive wheels on 305/25/32 tires!! Outrageous Purple Surf paint on it, interior filled with purple mamba snakeskin and black leather, and Pro Audio speakers! Maro was lifted by Underground Rim King. Car was crazy. Ppl was loving it too! In Miami, FL for Memorial Day weekend 2012.

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I dont see why this is a race issue at all. As far as I'm concerned that's just distracting from the real point. Cars like that are ridiculously stupid tasteless and vain. I  wouldn't drive that if someone bought it for me and paid me to. Man's gotta have standards. Its not hating. We don't hate the car or the driver. WERE JUST EMBARRASSED AND DISAPPOINTED FOR BOTH.
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No you're right. I'm not about that life period. I'm about THIS one, along with all the other normal people. I don't have anything against modified cars, just maybe have some taste? I have plenty of money, none of which I would spend on stuff like that. As far as my brain goes. I'm a chartered Architect which so far has got me a house in a nice area and a car I don't have to feel embarrassed driving. My comments were also aimed at the racist remarks which I do feel are missing the point. If you're going to put yourself out there like that don't expect everyone to blow sunshine up your ass.
fuck you bitch you aint bout that life period. you just live the fuck the way you want to live. you not making yourself out to be no better person trying to look down on somebody. how much money you got. that nigga was smart enough to make the money it took to buy it.what the fuck your good brain got yourself? a run down trailor? shut the fuck up...
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Poor Camaro! By the way people not all black people like those oversized ugly rims. Just the ratchet ones
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Moby Dick
Hey dumbass, you do know that they remove the tires and go back to stock before they try racing right? You need to go learn up on the culture of showing off...once this is done, they take off the tires.  smh at all this ignorance.
+KIDINK oh yeah I know people say oh its his money and he can do what he wants and that's true but just because someone throw some gigantic wheels on something don't make it a nice car I bet it rides like crap.
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why do blacks destroy a camaro? just like the cities they destroyed in the usa,
Moby Dick
Philadelphia and Atlanta are black-majority, but more educated, richer blacks, and those are two outstanding world-class cities.  Your ignorance is based on stupidity and idiocy; places like Detroit are rundown b/c those are poor people.
Joseph Tucker
Dumbest motherfucking thing I've ever seen. Fucking ruined a great car. 
Jermaine Williams
+gwagon68 NOPE 
what do you drive? and can afford to ruin?
Mr. Popo
If a camaro had cancer, I guess this is what it would look like. I like big rims as much as the next guy but thats tooo dammm biggg
Sharrod Curry
All that money put into that car and couldn't even at least get a SS smh.
Marlon Thomas Jr
Im fuckin' sick of white people all ways trying to bring us down about EVERYTHING. You don't live with the man so let him fuckin' be. You people act like us blacks can't have any fun with anything before you guys start complaining. When a black person has something y'all don't like oh watch out everyone they're going to call us the N word. Im sorry you selfish assholes can't have everything in America your way. Fuckin' white monkeys. (This is directed to racist whites that can't except the different personalities under different colors of skin)
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Kaptain Krunch
Why is this a race issue? Its an ugly car with literally no purpose. He just couldn't find anything else to spend his money on. 
Marlon Thomas Jr
+xavier renegade I agree with you though brother. Pretty much what I said about whites
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That just looks fucking gay.....
Chris Langdon
Now all he needs are big shoes, a big nose, and a flower that shoots water then his transformation into a clown will be complete.
Fabian Orozco
Lmfao amen to that hahaha
The funniest part of this whole video is that this clown thinks he's cool. Laugh of the decade! 
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