Romney would recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital





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Published on Jul 29, 2012

Mitt Romney says if he's elected president he would back moving the embassy to Jeruasalem after consulting with Israelis.

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Daughter of Jerusalem
Jerusalem was the capital of King David, the anointed King of Israel from 990BCE. The Knesset, or Parliament of Israel and all government offices are in Jerusalem. The Prime Minister's Residence is in Jerusalem. JUDEA CAPTA coins, issued by Roman Emperor Vespasian, show this to be the Land of the Jews, JUDEA. When the Turkish Ottoman Empire occupied our Land for 500 years no Muslim tried to establish a capitol city in Jerusalem. Other than our Jewish King David and our modern State of Israel, Jerusalem has NEVER been the capitol of any other government. Israel, with reunited Jerusalem as its undivided capitol will continue despite the rantings of trolls on this site or the suicide bombers of Hamas. Because the Land of ISRAEL belongs to Am Yisrael. There are currently 660,210 Jewish Israeli citizens living in Jerusalem. About 310,700 Muslims. 
Kegga Puusi
Jerusalem is not even part of israel.
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It is the capital of israel, 127 are idiots for the state of israel was founded in 1948.
You are right, of course - my family lived in the "Malah" of Marrakesch, that was a closed area of town, seperated. like any other place in the world, Jews were persecuted and seperated - Prague, Venice, Casablanca, you name it. Arabs can keep on lying
Why don't you read Oriana Fallci's "the rage and the pride? that woman spoke so many words of wisdom and truth about the murderous cult called Islam. also look for Masab Hassan Yosouf, Hamas leader's son - who says exactly what Islam is about (dying in the name of Allah and killing all other "non believers")
Jerusalm - Ir Shalem (wholesome city) built by King David, never once mentioned in the Kuran - every kid who can read the bible (old + new testament) and the Kuran can verify it instead of mummbling brainwashed bs
LOL and then again LOL my family fled from Morroco after the muslims tried to kill them, infact the Jews alwayas supported and protected the king there. There were some Arabs who helped the Jews during the Nazis arrival to the north of Africa, but they are so afraid to be banned or killed by their people, that they won't admit it unless they can't be identified. You can read about it in Among the Righteous: Lost Stories from the Holocaust's Long Reach into Arab Lands - Robert Satloff 
M. Naime Abu Omar
He wants to win Florida so bad he's ready to kiss Nateniaho's ass everyday until the elections
Sarah L.
Go go denial. I know what zionism means and this is exactly what I was saying (just that ucant write a sentence without insulting, anyway). When jews lived (and some are still living) under arab rules, they had all the rights, like anyone, they could occupy the best ranks, they were free to believe or not in whatever they wanted. They never found such a peace anywhere else, rememeber the inquisition etc.. But when arabs are living under jewish rule, that's another story, rf palestinian ghettos.
Templar Pirate
P.S. I suggest you go grab a REAL history book and not some cheap propaganda from the internet. And Zionism will be eliminated when the sun will set in the east, so keep dreaming.
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