Michael Magerat - Reliquiae vs Rude Chaos - Brussels 2006

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Ajoutée le 13 oct. 2007

Sacred relics, remains of forsaken beings, are associated to the martyr of a tortured body changed until its death. The remains of a body or the 'means' for its changes, these objects are directly linked to abject, to pain and to death. As such, these untouchable things incite repulsion: they are buried, burnt, dispersed, and forgotten.
In a religious context, these objects pass, in the course of a holy process, from being rejected to being sacred. Relics then provoke fascination, worship, and ecstasy. Rather than oppose there two states which are nevertheless contained in the relic, can one not see them as a same soul?
From this point of view, sacredness finds its roots in the abandoned remains. Even more what is indecent, forsaken and spoilt is a means to sacredness. Their common quality is fascination being inadmissible and at the same time founded and encouraged. Would the worship of sacred relics be used as an alibi for this inadmissible fascination?
Taken from the normal way of decline by a profane mummification, Reliquiae - Thanatic Sculptures created from dead animals -- try to approach these issues which are normally conflicting.

Reliquiae vs Rude Chaos - Ateliers Mommen - Brussels 2006 - Belgium
Michael Magerat


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