Raparound (ONGY & A-Kay) - Hypnotized (The Notorious BIG Hypnotize Cover)





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Uploaded on Jan 13, 2011

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New song with ORIGINAL lyrics written and performed by Raparound.

A-Kay: "Hypnotize is one of my all-time favourite songs and the beat is crazy."

We tried to keep the same feeling of BIG's rhymes in our lyrics and we hope not to disrespect a great classic.


[Verse 1 - A-Kay]

Girls everywhere, dancing like they just dont care
when i come out, gotta hit one up, fill up my cup
gonna get blitzed, hit the dance floor do Will Smith's switch
act like a mack while the bass keeps pumpin' from the track
party's so loud the walls might crack
haters in the club i let them hate,
coz im living it up, yes me and my mates
O.N.G.Y. and I at the table,
surrounded by ladies that are more than able
chick lying down we doing shots off her navel
lick it all up coz you can never be wasteful
this is dedicated to B.I.G
i hope he's looking down while listening to me
coz im spittin these rhymes in your memory
and im hopin through my words i can set your soul free
now before i end this verse i wanna let you all know
im tryna keep the party bumping so just let go

[Chorus x2]
O.N.G.Y. and A-Kay in the house
Yeah its me and my man ripping up the club
come join the hub and see what's up.

[Verse 2 - A-Kay & ONGY]

Now this is the part where i tell some guy to take a hike
so i can dance with his girl and get her moaning like (mmmmm)
take her to my hotel and sip wine by candle light
take it to the bedroom and we keep it going like (mmmmm)
now i aint no tupac and i aint no biggie
but im positive these lyrics will make you dizzy
merely silly, i just hope you dont go crazy
coz the musics blastin and it'll keep ya dancin
and all these cuties got me glancing
so imma step down and pass it over to my main man Ongy

Its your boy O.N.G.Y. in the heezy
Im back at it again three times a breezy
On the classic track by the B.I.G
So its time you guys ready to listen to me
When i hit the club with my suit and dunks,
Ill be bringing the hoots and funk
Lighting up the floor with the shoes and crunk
Sipping on the lastest brine, With the shoes that shine
The moves that grind And the women are fine haha hine

[Chorus x2]
O.N.G.Y. and A-Kay in the house
Yeah its me and my man ripping up the club come join the hub and see what's up.

[Verse 3 - ONGY]

Now this is the part when i take it to the side
with my swag so fly, not willing to hide
ill be making you jump like the floors on fire
just make your dress or suit is not for hire
but when its time to give it the grooves,
show off the moves and maybe loose a shoe
cos we here to enjoy the lights, by making a site
as we shake and dance to the end of the night
Its me and A-Kay sitting back, in the sack, feeling the mack
with a drink in the hand, yeah its the codiac
look at my watch, man its a bit late
but the night is my time so you better not hate
we rocking the house til the break of dawn
get you fucked up to wake up someones lawn
raise your glasses in the motherfucking air
and shake em around like you just dont care! (heyy!)

[Chorus x4]
O.N.G.Y. and A-Kay in the house
Yeah its me and my man ripping up the club come join the hub and see what's up.

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