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Published on Dec 23, 2011

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While we were out on location shooting the Battlefield 3 Commercial, we decided to shoot another entry in our series of first person videos. This is kind of a sequel to this vid! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mV-gnh...

Since Battlefield actually rewards teamwork, we decided to utilizing two different points of view that intersect. In the future, when Battlefield 4 comes out, we figure this is what co-op gameplay might look like!

Wanna game with us? We're playing the Back to Karkand expansion on Battlefield 3!

Also don't forget to check out Corridor Digital's video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x2WQ6...

For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com

Comments • 14,252

Arvind Shankar
Which game is this such awesome graphics!
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Arvind Shankar Minecraft
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took me ten seconds to realize this wasn't PC gameplay. Took only 1 to realize it wasn't console(¬‿¬)
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kalef1234 you must need glasses, took me 0 seconds to realize it wasn't either ;)
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Star Shot
I can tell this is fake why They killed people with the mortar
View all 15 replies
No Scope Plays - It's a freaking joke dummy...
No Scope Plays And Vlogs
Star Shot well aren't you a smartass
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2,124 butt hurt cod players watched this video.
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Matt B.
Ghosty Plays I've seen 0 comments like that
Ghosty Plays
+Bruno Fonseca It's nothing necessarily against cod players. It's about the winy one going "how come it's on bf4 and not cod?! Wah!" You know those people. And those people saying bf sucks and all that... you know, just butt hurt people
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guillaume bacon
Lol the cod version would be (Twelve tear old) - fuck you and your mom I smoke weed with butch on my dick you noob... And then he runs around with a full auto shotgun claiming he's good as he wall bangs people Cod
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guillaume bacon y
Bruh, you did the same thing in the comments you posted.
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Caffeinated DaVinci
It looks like battlefield 4. Mostly unblockable melee animations with very little gunplay.
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Jesus Morales
+SmowPC wat I've only played CoD 1 haha 
+SmowPC No, he was with BF4. But just stop arguing, we've kind of resloved it.
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Would not be surprised in 4 years battlefield will look like this.
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Ankush Girotra
+Ventroid BF1 is not even close... But It's a step in the right direction
Ankush Girotra
+Korean guy They still have to make it al least run on consoles
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Bullet Phil
If only Battlefield 4 actually had co-op.
พรสวรรค์ กองดี
Bullet Phil หลวงพ่อรวยวัดตะใกใน
too bad BF4 does not have co-op
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Dylan Regnitz
There should be Co-op. Maybe in the bonus Remastered BF3 maps DLC that is rumored to be released this fall.
+Cesar Lescano Lol. Please kid, I've got a comment with 600+ comments.
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I wish bf4 online was this organized
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Lucas Muniz
Dalek ShitPoster
chokwits yum play arma 3
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