The Real Story Behind Aliens_ Ufos_ Demons_ Illuminati & Satanism.





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Published on Jan 15, 2011


Compiles lots of modern photos and video footage with records and drawings of ancient aliens left by our ancestors.

So why all the mystery about who the Aliens are? All of the records and evidence point to the truth that they are the NEPHILIM races described in the Bible as hybrid human species derived from fallen angels mating with human women.................

Genesis 6:2.....That the sons of God ( meaning fallen angels, those who followed Satan in rebellion against God ) saw the daughters ( meaning women of the earth ) of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

The records indicate that the offspring produced several different gentile races. Some were giants / titans, some were reptilian, some had extra arms and 6 fingers, hair covered humanoids like Esau...

And we even see evidence of this remaining in our human gene pool on recessive genes... giantism is called acromegaly now... humans born with 6 fingers are called polydactyl ... humans born covered with hair are diagnosed with hypertrichosis... on and on...

As for the hybrid alien races that survived with their technology thousands of years ahead, we see them too. Esaus hair-covered humanoid decendants in the mountains are called bigfoot... And over 20 witnesses in a Russian park (including policemen, school children, a janitor... all walks of life) saw a craft land and 3 giants over 9 feet tall stepped out into clear view.

So the aliens are not just "little green men" but many diverse races of gentile humanoids that have inhabited this planet as long as humans have.

They are not coming from outer space... they are coming from below our feet. They live beneath the surface in an UNDERWORLD or hollow honeycombed earth... and beneath the ocean's surface. They do not inhabit the surface of earth, but visit often... and that's when we see them... throughout ALL OF RECORDED HISTORY.

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Biblical Christianity
The most terrifying thing in the world is that... God is good, you may think to yourself that is not terrifying at all, well the thing is we are not good, we are evil sinners,our hearts are filled with darkness, we have broken the 10 commandments which is God's law by lying,stealing etc..so what does a good, Holy and Just God do with evil sinners like us? well He must punish us, just as a judge must punish a criminal, the judge must give him justice because the criminal has broken societies law like we have broken God's law, so the just punishment is death then hell, but 2,000 years ago God the Son came to earth as a man in Jesus Christ to die on the cross in our place and on the third day He rose from the dead, it is like this we broke God's law Jesus paid our fine because He loves us,so repent of your sin and believe in Jesus today for your eternal salvation.
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Jax Flair
Y'all believe in aliens but not god ??? wow devil worshipers
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Jason W
If you dont think the us government is corrupt then you are wrong. That simple.
Why argue, ridicule and discriminate via comments? Can't the haters just accept that everybody is entitled to their own beliefs? I always wonder why the haters are even watching this kind of stuff in the first place. Just go back to watching the news and let those who want a better world try to work out the truth together, without your negativity. Perhaps this video and others similar aren't 100% accurate but the one thing we do know is that good in our hearts is far more powerful than the evil in their minds. One love and peace to all.
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Look at these morons using the atheism as a pathetic excuse to stalk Christians... Let me ask you this: How can you ask for evidence of God existence but yet you believe in aliens even tho you have no proof for that kind of stupidity!!! ...and how can you not believe in soul but only in brain (most ironic thing that you are very stupid and uneducated) but yet brain cannot explain how can we love somebody... You prove me that you love your friends and family and I will prove you that God exist!!!
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alex silver
the good guy's are ll dead, always freak accidents or cancer in one year. even alex jones I don't trust. no way they would allow his show, he's just a diversion. These people are fuckn dangerous because there involved with black magic and real metaphysical being's, I just don't get how all of American's see the elite's and all the president's going to a fuckn redwood forest looking like the kkk and nobody rushes the place and and demand answers if erveryone were to band together they would be fucked that's what there afraid of......
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Stuart Mac
The universe and life is far more beautiful and complex than what it says in your religious books, many ET's are multi dimensional and many are from different time zones but that doesn't mean they are from hell or the minions of this so called satan dude, we have too let go of the ego and realise the divine intelligence within ourselves, we are an expression of the universe, we are the universe experiencing itself, meditate and experience your pure awareness, let go of all this fear and become love!
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Arbitrary Shark Fairy 4.0
Starting a video with haunting music, political footage that includes diabolical laughing George Bush, and the word "conspiracy" will certainly drive away or at least start to drive away any "truth" seekers. This theme seems to stick through the rest as well. Most of this is meant to attract fear mongering nuts that believe things only to fit into a separate class of folks that invite these things to use as a revolt tool. This is almost never successful, quite the opposite. Like no one else has made something this hollywood. All you're doing is feeding confusion and fear. Why not educate yourself, go and pursue these accusations on your own. Contemplate for yourself what is true and false. Compare this video with other ones similar. Soon as I hear ominous voices that sound like samples from a shitty old TV show, and see a bunch of supposed "politicians" in a field far away with robes I certainly begin to question the validity of this shit. If someone is really so lost they must believe this without even beginning to look into it, I have little hope for them. UFO's Demons, Illuminati, all of that is fun and interesting without the autism driven ego fed moron behind the curtain because all of those subjects exist in some form of explanation! "real story"? I think this is only as real as you make it. - A concerned slightly rational human being
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The Master
If you think about it.. whenever you see a movie where a president is assasinated, kinda seems like propeganda to prevent us from doing it. I mean, the police are all over the place in such a situation, and they always catch the killer.  I mean, now that we know for sure that JFK was assasinated by the illuminati because he tried to oppose them. And he was the only precident ever assasinated, it comes to thought that normal people actually dont have it in them to attempt this. And we can safely assume that if someone assasinates anyone in high possitions, it would be hired and planned by illuminati members.  But hear me now people, Stand together, police, millitary and civillians alike.. shed your fear of these scum, and stand together to publicly execute ALL known members. We must do this before their world domination plan succeeds, or else billions of people will die for no reason. Evil cannot be allowed to rule our world!!!  If you think that your partesipation is worthless, then people remember that you could be one of the billions of people targeted for execution. And they will not show mercy, so we shouldnt either.  I promice you that when this has been done, and the whole money system burned to the ground and restarted as it was originally intended to be, (a convenient way to carry your gold around, to trade for goods). we will have world peace, and most likely after a few decades humanity will rid themselves of the disease that has been forced down our throats, and simply start evolving again. 
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Nice job in creating this video.  Aliens are Demons without question.  These are fallen spiritual beings who HATE Humanity and will do everything to destroy GOD's created. beings called human, physically and spiritually.   
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