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Published on Oct 30, 2013

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For full playlist check here:

How to unlock the secret characters: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/673081...

Master Stomper guide by bezlaskez: http://www.gamefaqs.com/wii-u/673081-...

Finally got Master Stomper so here it is: ALL character morphs and what they're good for.

00:00 Wonder-Red

Your main damage dealer, Red is pretty fast and does great damage. Average for combo building.

00:26 Wonder-Blue

Beginner's weapon of choice. Easy to draw and use and its great range and decent power ensure it can be used in pretty much every situation.

00:52 Wonder-Green

Your main tool for building multiplier and keeping combos going with Gun Stinger from afar. The missile launcher builds multiplier AND combo points.

01:48 Wonder-Pink

Outside of dealing with spiked enemies, Pink isn't all that useful...

02:16 Wonder-Yellow

Slow and hard to use, Yellow finds his niche in destroying armor and blocking stuff from above! Invaluable for beating down tanks and turtles. His Unite Big sucks and should never be used...

02:41 Wonder-White

Combo point builder extraordinaire. White sucks at aerial combat and lacks power, but his combo point building prowess and fast attack rate are great for easy Pure Platinum.
Later on you get Wonder-Daddy, a vastly superior claw user and White is sadly demoted to "never used again" status.

03:15 Wonder-Black

Invaluable as an Assist Morph to slow down enemies while you beat 'em down. The game doesn't tell you this, but he does infact have Stinger/Rising/Cyclone like the others and can use those right away!

03:53 Prince Vorkken

Royal pain to unlock and not all that great once you get him. He excels at crowd control with his homing boomerangs and can block projectiles from above like Yellow, but White can match him in that regard and is better for combo points.

04:54 Chewgi

Good at building combo points and okay-ish for multiplier, good power AND reflects projectiles?! Chewgi is awesome and his Unite Big decimates anything that is slow moving (those pesky tanks in particular).

05:31 Immorta

Activate Unite Big, mash A and laugh as she proceeds to pulverize everything in the game!

06:01 Commander Nelson

A 50-man or 100-man Unite Drill is the best combo point builder in the game!

06:30 Wonder-Director & Wonder-Goggles

Both of them suck!

07:01 Wonder-Scarf

Makes whip less useless with an added feeze effect.

07:26 Wonder-Gramps

Bomb without damage, but a longer slow-motion effect.

07:57 Wonder-Daddy

Your best friend! Great damage and crowd control, combo point building, ranged attacks! Is there anything he doesn't do?!

08:35 Wonder-Future

Activated by drawing a tiny hand symbol. Can't be increased in size, but throws 2 fire balls with each swing.

08:57 Poseman a.k.a. Viewtiful Joe

Hand with fire effect.

09:17 Wonder-Rodin

Hammer, but with a new 3-hit combo.

09:44 Wonder-Jeanne

Sword with lightning effect.

10:08 Wonder-Bayonetta

Her Unite Big is amazing, but for the rest... stick with Green!

And that concludes my uploads for this game. I hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll see you soon when I've decided which game I'll do next.

Difficulty: 101% Hard
System: WiiU

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    • The Wonderful 101
    • 2013
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