Kingdom Hearts II - The World That Never Was Part 5





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Published on Sep 6, 2009

The battle with Luxord is a one-of-a-kind fight. Luxord's health bar is essentially a time meter that decreases over time and when you attack him. Sora also has a time meter, and if it runs out, you lose. Sora's HP still applies, of course. When the battle starts, Luxord will turn you into a die. You can either evade his attacks until the form gauge runs out, or you can jump at him and attack. When you change back normal, flip Luxord's cards with reaction commands to nullify most of his attacks. Luxord's attack pattern is random, but his cards will be how he deals damage, so watch how they fly around. If you can keep flipping the cards, there won't be much Luxord can do. Luxord will also transform himself into a card and move along on the floor. Follow or lock onto his card and flip it to make him vulnerable to attack. Don't flip over cards with fire pictures, as they will damage you. He can also call an attack that wraps around Sora, so quickly attack him when he goes into the pose. When his time is almost out, he will throw many cards onto the ground. Watch out for his attacks, then be ready to play a game where you have to stop all four commands at circles. If you win, he will be left vulnerable, but losing will turn you into a die again. After that, resume normal tactics and defeat him for a bonus level-up.

Bonus Level-Up 48:
Sora - Maximum HP Increased (+5, new total 120)

Luxord attempts to hide behind a shield of cards, but Sora cuts them down. Luxord wonders how Roxas could do such a thing, but Sora shouts out his name is Sora, not Roxas. Luxord disappears, and everyone else comes back from hiding, and Sora tells them they should keep moving. They all head into another portal, and find Saix staring at Kingdom Hearts. He turns to them and says only Roxas could have made it that far in one piece. Sora says the Roxas name is getting old, and Donald tells Saix his name is Sora. Saix then brandishes his axe weapon, telling him the fate will be the same. He swings it, causing a gust of wind that knocks away Riku and Kairi from battle, and Sora, Donald and Goofy take him on.

Saix will be in Berserk mode at the battle's start, and you cannot damage when he is in that state. Everytime he attacks, he will leave behind a copy of his weapon. Pick it up, then avoid the attacks for about 3 seconds, and move next to Saix and unleash the "Eclipse" and "Magna Storm" reaction commands to get him out of Berserk mode. Wait for him to attack, then counter and attack back. Saix stands still after every attack when not in Berserk mode, so attack quickly. If you can make him drop a copy of his weapon, pick it up and use it again for high damage. Saix's Berserk meter will slowly refill, and when it does, he will re-enter Berserk mode, so avoid his attacks then smack him again with the weapon copy. As his health falls, the meter will build up faster, so be careful of that. Be wary of his wide range attacks, and keep knocking him out of Berserk mode to drain his health and defeat him for a bonus level-up.

Bonus Level-Up 49:
Sora - Drive Gauge Increased (New max 7)
Donald - Maximum HP Increased (+4, new total 90)
Goofy - Gain Item Slot (5 total)

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