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Published on Apr 28, 2017

Are you looking for the best gap year travel programmes using the best UK Travel company to help you arrange?

In essence, it all comes down to what you want to get out of your precious, precious travel time…

The Leap’s exciting new internships are launching as you read this, and they might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

No gap year is complete without a whole lot of ME time and at least a little giving back. With 15 months to fill, travel is a must. Volunteering as you roam the world, backpack weighing you down and walking boots glued to your feet are undeniably an added bonus.

Sometimes one type of volunteer program doesn’t fit all. Some want to indulge a passion. Some desire an adventure-filled escapade. Others are first-time travellers feeling a little lost, and just need a diverse and rewarding trip to ‘find themselves’.
gap year volunteering
Whichever type of traveller you are, I think we can help! Now you’ve got a choice… will it be a single project, focused internship offering a little more independence and a whole wealth of experience? Or a multi-project adventure program to fuel that gap year adrenaline and allow you to try it all?

Ask yourself these 4 simple yet fundamental travel questions and we can help you figure out which is best for you.

How and when do you want to depart?
In a team and I don’t mind a more fixed date

I think I hear our volunteering and adventure programs calling your name. Whether it’s
Africa, Asia, South America or the Caribbean, you’ll have the comfort of flying out with a team of volunteers of a similar age and with a similar mindset.
volunteering gap year
With 4 set departure dates spread throughout the year and durations of up to 10 weeks, I promise there’s a perfect fit!

Find out more…

Fly independently whenever I want

Great-then a totally flexible departure on one of our internships will suit you down to a tee! Maybe you’ve got a spare few weeks to fill between destinations or before the dreaded Uni begins? Across the continents, we have internships that you can join whenever you like, literally.

What’s more, you can stay as long as you like so if you’re loving it, just add on a few more weeks! There’s always a team out in-country and they are always keen for more help.

Flying alone can be daunting, but it really is the ultimate confidence gainer-no parents to control the documents and find your gate. It’s down to you!

Check out all our internships here…

Where and with whom would you like to be staying?
Stick with one team as we travel around

Well, our team volunteer trips could be ideal for you. By sticking with the same team throughout, from the flight out to the arrivals gate back home, you’ll make some solid, life-long friendships.
gap year volunteer work
If you’re anything like me (in a constantly anxious state), then I think you will highly appreciate the ‘meeting everyone only once’ aspect of these trips! By the end of it, having spent every minute of every day together will mean you’re totally comfortable and open. Bowel issues and body odour will be mere chitchat.

These more adventurous programs will help you attain important life skills as you are required to constantly readjust to new surroundings and situations. You’ll soon become accustomed to unpacking and re-packing as you move from place to place, seeing and experiencing it all.

Changing team dynamics but one base to settle into

In this case, I think a more independent and focused internship is right up your street. Based in a single location, it will be easy for you to get comfortable, feel relaxed and settle in. Unpack just once. Learn the layout. Claim your bed. It will truly become a home away from home.
gap year internship
The challenge comes with the endlessly changing dynamics as volunteers come and go. Maybe you’ll see the ongoing need to introduce and make a good impression a burden. Or perhaps you can see the flip-side…

Volunteers will arrive from different places, be staying for different time-spans and often have totally different backgrounds. To me, this can only result in entertaining travel stories, exciting cultural insights and the development of a vital, yet often loathed, life skill: meet and greet.

Most importantly, though, you’ll have countless friends spread all across the world, think of the exotic free holidays!

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