The Last Days on Earth





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Published on Apr 29, 2011


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Documentary about disasters and apocalypses that are scalled from those that are less likely to happen to those which are just beyond next corner.
Special thanks to History TV and History.com for making an effort to bring this magnificent movie to us.
Also this is entertainment purposes only,no copyright infrigiment intended.

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Comments • 3,866

About the super volcano... Yeah if that thing blows it's top, I want to be sitting right on top of it. Forget all that suffocating in ash or starving to death crap!
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Patrick Walston
Lol you guys go ahead and try to survive it, Im gonna spend every penny and minute I have stocking up on beer, whiskey, vodka, scotch, brandy, tequila, weed, coke, heroin, ecstasy, LSD, shrooms, and frozen pizzas. I'll pass on the meth and other crazy hallucinogens tho. I'll get me a bigger TV, VCR, flesh light (unless I can find a woman who will wanna stick around) and lazyboy and then watch porn and old Nickelodeon cartoons till Im crushed by asteroids.
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The last days on earth? More like the last days for human. Earth will be fine after we're gone. You should change the title of this video.
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Billybob Sue
the biggest threat to humanity is humanity itself
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obi wan
It may take something that really scares mankind to wake us up, but if it does, it will be too late for most people.If the tribulation is going to happen, it will start soon. We have to change if we want the world to change; it is a reflection of us. The only thing that will save you is learning the Truth of Life. Google TruthContest read the Present, It explains the Truth of Life ( the ultimate explanation of the big picture of life). Only the Truth will set you free.
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This doco must be sponsored by Al Gore and his tax hungry mates. The evidence is out there beyond refute by credible evidence and a large body of eminent scientists. Anthropogenic warming is a scam.
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Samuel Carley
Seriously... I come to youtube to get away from corporate media... If I wanted to watch a history channel documentary I would just turn on the TV... Thanks for nuthin.
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Chuck Reynolds
I grew up in the fifties and have heard the end of the world is coming SOON for my entire life. Nuclear war, disease, asteroids, earthquakes, etc, etc, etc. If all you do is worry about all the ways you can die, or the ways the world will end, you not only will have no time to do anything else, you might as well be dead already. We can't prevent ever POSSIBLE route to destruction, we can only minimize the effects of those risks we have control over.
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Neil Boothe
Everyone seeking answers to life's biggest questions, go to TruthContest•Com and read what The Present says. This book will change your life. Even if the earth dies, you will die knowing what happens after death and what life is about, so you will have the ONLY TRUE SECURITY.
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Captain 'Winkle'
Not sure who's more delusional - the idiots who think belonging to a cult and having an imaginary friend will save them, or the ones trying to argue against overwhelming scientific consensus, and fact. If there are two things that are unquestionably already fucking this planet up, they are climate change denial and religion. Good luck humanity. You're gonna need it.
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