Austrian MP Ewald Stadler against Turkish Ambassador EU





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Uploaded on Jan 2, 2011

1/6[Sharia]@fuckpalestinians1-until all the Muslim countries will not accept the right to freedom of religion, & the same equality of citizens before to the State? all we are always in great danger! I'm sorry that Islam: that is the best religion in the world has been turned into a nightmare, in a perfect work of Satan. Indeed, where are the Muslims? death comes! January 2, 2011 - THE CRIMINAL REPLY of Imam - The Grand Imam of Al Azhar, Sheikh Ahmed El Tyeb, one of the greatest figures of Islam, criticized the Pope's statements about the need to defend the Christians, said is a "unacceptable intervention in the affairs of Egypt. ""Why the Pope did not seek the protection of Muslims, when they were massacred in Iraq?" - Answer-: 1). The Pope has always condemned all war! 2). Christians are a minority without public importance. 3). is the Jewish lobby that has taken control: of NWO-IMF.
3/6[Sharia] by my UniusRei-: The Voice of more than 400 Christians Martyrs: killed every day: ie, 160,000 every year. anyone who enters this page? It WILL BE PUT ON TRIAL FOR HAVING HIDDEN HIMSELF BEHIND the COMPUTER. by UniusRei with adjuration & oath solemn. The whole world knows, this can be demonstrated by thousands of my comments (that anyone can read it again), as I said, as a Christian: I in these two years: I have always defended the Muslims and I still think are lovely people. But fundamentalism is bad absolute to make bad all their governments. This is because of a wrong teaching of the Qur'an: Of course, do many children, have great poverty and a culturally disgusting. So from 1600 years old, could not have had a real evolution: they are like monkeys who have worn the jacket of modernity, but are incapable of self-criticism.

4/6[Sharia] from 30 March 2008 that are in youtube. I did an average of 8 hours a day of work in my ministry of "ReiUnius", but I have found only two Muslims who are my friends, because only they have been able to admit &recognize the errors and crimes of Islam, which all came of sharia! all people are people. Goverments are must separate by religion - we need to learn to respect people- we are all the human race - islam of sharia is not a religion it is a sociopolitical movement for world domination based on a religious philosophy, that is ideology, in that it is absolutly negative for does not allow or tolerate dissent of any kind, islam not to do questions, make murders is without any tolerance & dialog. Islamic system is so diabolical that is designed to give power to the most violent, evil and bigoted, ignorant among his people. by my UniusRei: Re: they are monsters.

5/6[Sharia] These cursed: ie, all Muslim governments, are so brazen, that have criminal laws that actually, to do the killing in a short time of each religious minority, but when they are guests in a nation where, are a minority are concealing, with great skill, for the demonic spirit that possesses their souls. But because of their large families: large number of children, in a few decades take control of that nation. In fact, muslim have verses of the Koran to deceive and other to kill. When someone dares to respond to their crimes? Playing the part of victims and then feel justified in making the genocide. Like the Copts in Egypt have been able to survive? this is truly a miracle of God! in return for my love and my protection in all these years, as they have rewarded me? they have increased the number of: violence, rapes, murders of much innocent blood of Christian martyrs: every day.

6/6[Sharia] This is demonstrated by the laws: 1).against blasphemy, 2)."do shake the faith of a Muslim" 3).the death penalty for apostasy, 4).the crime of evangelization. with this premise: If Muslim governments will not use martial law and all power for giving the true teaching of holy Islam & holy Koran for a real peace: shalom + salam? between 30 years all Eupora will be dragged into a civil war, whose outcome will one only sharia in all world. But what makes me suffer more is to regarded as the Jewish lobby of Satanists & Masonic pornocracy technocratic and financial of television network, ie the hidden control of bank seigniorage, in their absurd hatred against Christianity, they will eventually endanger the 'existence of Israel and of any other jew in the world. for me: only Jesus Christ is the answer you do not chase after stories to regenerate a new fund: IMF? we are forced by enlightened, to suffer the 3rd WW nuclear in 2012, you have the faith to deal with this?


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