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Published on Oct 6, 2011

~The dark and grimy catacombs beneath Westbrook Keep was thick with stale air. The sound of footsteps could be heard echoing down the stone stairwell.

Hranu looked up -- His face a neutral expression. He seemed greyer than before Maxen captured him -- he leaned defeatedly against the cobblestone wall, eyeing as Maxen walked ever closer to him.

Maxen sighed as he looked over Hranu with a solemn demeanor. "Your fate is as you wished."

"I knew what was to come, Maxen. There is no escaping what was to come." He nodded, slowly. "Had I been able to speak more than I was able, my story wouldn't have changed the hate they hold in their hearts." He looked down at Maxen's boots. "It is to be expected; we are at War, you and I."

Maxen nods. The lantern in his grip flickered, the bars of Hranu's cell casting dancing shadows on the cobblestone walls. "Indeed we are."

Hranu couldn't help but chuckle. "A noose, though? I would've thought a beheading would've been much better an execution for my bulk." He shook his head. "How will it proceed from here, Marshal?"

Maxen shook his head, looking to the ground. "On tomorrow's eve, you shall be escorted in chains to the gates of Stormwind. From there, the deed shall be done."

"Public?" He said, looking up. He had hoped so; more chance of the word getting out about Hranu's death and how he had died.


"Do you know how many will be there?"

Maxen sighed through his nose, shaking his head. "Nay. Though I imagine there will be scores. Many in Stormwind have yet to see one of your kind." Maxen shifted in his boots, platemail clanking softly.

Hranu nodded. A moment of silence fell between the two warriors of their respective factions; "Will you remove my bandages before you move me? I wish to show the Alliance citizens how many scars I've scored when in battle with their King."

Maxen furled his bushy eyebrows, crossing his arms over his chest. "I would rather them see the possibility of healing the wounds caused by this war, although such a dream."

Hranu shook his head. "It always is. All of my life, I have known War." He closed his eyes, chuckling. "I always thought I would be a result of it. Die of it."

"I once knew peace. Before the orcs came into this world. The memories of my youth before the war remind me that there is such thing as peace."

"Tis' what I fight for." Maxen says, after a long pause.

"Once day, Marshal, perhaps the world will know peace. The flowers will grow across old fields of battle. The winds and rain will extinguish the fires that rage across Azeroth, and our youngblood will join hand in hand in peace.." He chuckled. "It is what I fought for."

Maxen nods. "You have my word that I shall continue that fight, Hranu." Maxen grins, half-heartedly.

"I hope so, Marshal. I expect you to keep your loyalty to your Kingdom, and I expect you to kill many more Orcs." He nods. "Until we meet again, Marshal. Winds be at your back."

"And Light watch over you - and your family."

As Maxen left the cell, Hranu was alone. A gentle breeze came down into the damp cellar of Westbrook Keep, almost circling around him before it gently, almost majestically sails towards Hranu's feet. The wind circles around him several moments, a spirutal energy within the room.

Soft whispers, perhaps only heard by Hranu himself. "You shall have your peace, Chieftain. You shall have it. And I shal be there." The wind gathers slowly around Hranu, like a very small vortex, before it disperses, swiflty, in all directions, yet very peacefully.~


This is the video of the execution event on Moon Guard (World of Warcraft).

Hranu Hawktotem is to be hung by the Alliance for his war crimes. The leader of the mighty Tauren tribe, The Hawktotem Tribe, has been charged with raids against the Alliance and killing many innocents back in his Grimtotem days, and his days with the Horde.
While many of the Alliance are glad to see the bull gone, there are some that wish for him to be set free or die in battle like an honorable warrior. However, this will not be so. Hranu's fate has been sealed. He must die by the hands of the Alliance so that others may live.

"For the Tribes! Never forget!" -Hranu Hawktotem. Oct 6, 2011


Fraps hates me and only recorded less then half of this event. Sorry folks!
Though there were many trolling with smoke flares, PVP, and even toy trains, the event went smoothly and according to plan. Better luck next time, bros!

Music is simply the Thunderbluff theme slowed down and such. I do not claim any of this video except for the picture for the intro and for recording it so that it may never be forgotten.

Blizzard owns World of Warcraft, Stormwind City, Thunderbluff Audio, Tauren, Humans, Elves, Worgen, etc.......

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