'Death-threat Dawahfilms' goes Doc Hunting





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Published on Oct 6, 2010

Dear YouTube, recently a privacy complaint has been made against this video. I would encourage you to review this video. You will find that I made no mention of DawahFilms real name or city of residence nor any other personal information was revealed. I do use a few clips of his video, videos that he himself uploaded to YouTube. Part of the privacy removal process states that I am not allowed to disclose any information that has not been publically made available by DawahFilms himself. He put his own face on YouTube, I am merely responding to things he has said and done towards me.
Also at the same time I received this privacy notice, I got 4 other videos flagged down which I do not seem to be able to appeal. In some cases these videos were very vanilla (see The Best Emotional Porn). I think one of your moderators may have put his fundamentalist religious values before youtubes policies.
The BEST emotional PORN (very vanilla video)
Draw Mohammad Day 2... NEEDS YOU! (Directly tackles free speech on religion)
Amenakin, Censorin' For Islam (Directly tackles free speech on religion)
Osama bin Laden- Shot in Head! (news/ documentary commentary on current affairs)

Yup, would you believe it, not only does Dawahfilms thing that he speaks for 'all true muslims' and who they have a mandate to kill, but also thinks that if anyone should have the gall to call him on his BS he has every right to do whatever he sees fit to get his vengeance.

Naturally, it would never have passed his mind that he was getting flak because he was talking crap. Nope it MUST be that everyone was prejudiced against him.

The only possible cause of action.
1) take it up with youtube. Youtube of course ignored him, as given that he had thrust himself into the forum to criticize others, it really did seem like he had implicitly agreed that that was the nature of the forum, and that he had no right to bitch about others criticizing him.

2) Take legal action. Unfortunately I had done nothing wrong as doubltess he would have been informed, and evidently so as nothing was taken forward.

-Now most people would be getting the message at this point, that 'maybe you are just acting like an irrational little crybaby jerk', but not Dawah 'I speak for all true muslims' films. Nope he goes Doc Hunting

Yeah, seems that those who presume to speak for all muslims also think that they have the right to hunt people down in real life with the stated intent of getting me fired, and that it would 'ALL BE MY OWN FAULT WHEN IT DID HAPPEN'.

I remember this sort of logic from the IRA when I was a kid. It wasnt their fault for blowing people up in England, it was all our fault for allowing British oppression.

The irony of course being that he specifically and publicly accuses me of reporting him the the FBI. Something that is of course demonstrably false.

But evidently justice from someone who 'speaks for all true muslims' is a VERY one way street. Yup, its only when people say stuff he doesnt like that you have the right to hold them publicly accountable at their jobs. But for Dawahfilms, he gets to shoot his mouth off about everyone else, for instance directly comparing all and sundry to the 'extremists'.

So yeah, no sooner was I thinking of drifting off to do something more important, waddya know, Dawahfilms is slap bang in the middle of the radar again.

Oh yeah... and for those who have an interest, this is the video where he chastises me for not being specific enough in catagorizing muslims, then goes onto speak for 'all true muslims', the video where he repeatedly directly compares me to the extremists, and of course threatens to send me to the god i wished i knew for some contrived fantasy.
and yeah, at the time of posting this (Oct 6th 2010) he had long since disabled comments, after all, nothing says I can take criticism better than disabling comments!

Right, and the guy who blew the whistle on him, dixiecomic
who was basically trolling Dawahfilms.

Turns out, Dawahfilms isnt at all bitter about being shown to be such a nasty piece of work and recently replied to one of dixies comments:
1 day ago
And if you expect me to "negotiate" with your demands (me apologizing just so you can take something down I'm not ashamed of just for the sake of you having some sort of power trip), then you're literally insane.

Please go back to the military and have yourself shot. You'll certainly be worth more to your wife and children that way."

-what a nice guy!


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