The Secret to the AC/DC Sound - Guitar Lesson





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Published on Oct 21, 2011

This is how you can achieve AC/DC tone ON A BUDGET (not everyone can afford Marshall's, Gibson's, Schaffer replicas, etc). I highly recommend you check out SoloDallas here on YouTube for more tips, gear, and accuracy. - People have asked for my amplifier info: It's a Kustom Wav 2x12 - it's a hybrid tube/solid-state with tubes in the preamp stage. It's no longer manufactured and I got it several years ago to serve as a smaller practice amp. However, it sounds amazing and I actually prefer to use it over my Marshall JCM2000 half-stack. Kustom makes great stuff. I highly recommend them as a brand if you want to save some money and yet still have awesome tone. Settings used for AC/DC tone in this video is: Low: 6 1/2 Mid: 3 1/2 High: 6 1/2. - These settings change depend on what type of amplifier/guitar being used. Also, it depends on the songs being played. Some require more mids than others, etc. - I'm also using a power attenuator called the Marshall Power Brake to control the output level (I do have neighbors, after all).

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Addendum: Largely, this is how you can achieve AC/DC tone ON A BUDGET (not everyone can afford Marshall's, Gibson's, Schaffer replicas, etc). Ultimately, at the end of the day, none of us are Angus and Malcolm Young as well. Also, I highly recommend you check out SoloDallas here on YouTube for more tips, gear, and accuracy. He's great.
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Dforce 10
thumbscrews if watch the video on AC/DC rig rundown they show he has a Rocktron hush pedal in his rig
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John McDermott
I read an article years ago, sometime in the eighties, with angus and they asked him if he uses any effects.  His response was pricless, he says, "Those things are made in Japan...  we don't want to sound Japanese"
Sam Burns
Malcom is a genius, too bad he's not playing anymore
Sir GentleSir
Crank the volume he said... Do you want my neighbors to burn my house down or something?
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The Star Wars Craft
I just add a bit of gain, i have a marshall mg15cf and i put the gain on about 4, but sometimes i think thats too gainy so i turn it down
Sir GentleSir
+thumbscrews Thx, I saw it on another reply you made, I'll look into one of those.
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Sir, I have watched this video many times and now I want to say, "THANK YOU...!!!" Over the years I have been fascinated how simple information on guitar/amp tone is somewhat a well kept secret...yet, not hard to achieve.  The info you have in this video has helped me improve getting tone of: AC/DC, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, etc., and more importantly what I do for playing guitar at church (even though that may make no logical sense). Now, because of this particular video, on a regular basis I play, "Rock 'n' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" for soundcheck at church...I'm amazed how many people in stop me in the hallway and ask, "Were you playing AC/DC in there...?" to which I reply with a big grin, "Yeah dude...!!!" Thanks for sharing.
schaffer replica .... nuff sed !!!!
J Paxton
Glad I ran into your video. More tykes and beginners need to learn tone is not the noise at the end of a note. I also agree so many youngsters show off pedals... God help us... Use a decent guitar and amp and you are set. Pedal boards are fun but deteriorate technique and skill. Become one with the instrument. Only pedals I own are delay and chorus for effect, never for true tonal value. Let you and your amp esp tubes do the talking... not the electronics...
Thanks for doing this. It's Dead On!   
User Unknown
You guys want the real secret? A t-rex neocomp and an ep-booster. (and a marshall dsl40c)
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The Star Wars Craft
How about a fairfield compressor and a jcm800
The Star Wars Craft
User Unknown lol
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Mullard ECC83 in V1. Classic Marshall tone and overdrive when cranked. that's the secret no one talks about. Don't listen to the dick head, he's full of shi-
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+Brian Anderson  Mark Bartel has some of the best designs ever created period. I've had the pleasure of going to his shop twice in Baltimore. he's a genius and a very nice guy / one of the guys.
+Brian Anderson A properly setup axe with a level playing field and your own tweaked out amp and pedalboard for some. And most of all your fingers = technic, in return = tone.
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