Complicated Love! (Jemi Series) Ep. 32 "Why would you?"





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Uploaded on Sep 10, 2010


*Selena's POV*

We reached the top of the stair case and saw the door closing. We ran to the bottom and into the living room, jumping on the couch that was against the window. *I bet you Joe's outside!* Miley said as we opened the curtain and lowered the blinds just enough to see out to the drive way where we clearly saw Joe standing with a smile as Demi approached him. *I won!* She gloated. *Won what? I didn't bet anything!* we talked not taking our eyes off our view. *The satisfaction of knowing I was right?* I laughed. *Well in that case then it's a tie because I also figured he was out there.* She finally made it to him and he pulled himself away from the fence and walked closer to her. His hand went up to her cheek and I saw his lips moving. Miley squealed beside me and I glanced over at her and she had a huge smile on her face. *I thought you said he was a Jackass and you didn't want Demi to be with him?* She looked at me and shrugged. *She's crazy about him. Even though she denies it and if he is a Jackass and is messing with her... Well then you'll hold him down as I cut off his dick. Simple as that.* I giggled and looked back out the window.

*Demi's POV*

He stood there with his hands in his jeans and a smile creeping on his lips as I got closer. He pushed himself off the fence and walked up to me. I stopped and crossed my arms over my chest. He kept walking up to me and when he reached me he held his hand up to my face and caressed my cheek. *I thought you weren't going to come out.* I narrowed my eyes at him and smacked his hand away. *What do you want Joe?* He chuckled and put his hand in his pocket once again. *Just to say hey. So.... Hey!* I rolled my eyes at him and his smile grew wider. *I don't really have time for this. Brad will be here soon.* His smile turned down to a smirk and he looked away. *Brad?* He asked still not looking at me. *Yes! Brad!* He faced me and brought his face closer to mine. *Where's he taking you?* His voice come low with his breath hitting me as he glanced quickly down at my lips. *Why do you care?* I shoved him back. He pulled back slightly and chuckled once more. *I don't! Why would I?* I looked at him and tilted my head at him with my arms on my hips and asked in a serious tone. *I don't know! Why would you?* He looked at me for a few seconds, then brought his hand to the back of his head and ran his fingers through his hair as he looked away.

*I gotta go!* I was about to turn and he grabbed my arm. I turned towards him without looking up. He brought his hand up to my chin and made me face him. My eyes still wondered around except to him. I felt his arm snake around my waist and held me closer. I finally looked at him and the silence grew louder in my ears. The hand that was on my chin slid to my cheek as his fingers gripped around my neck with his thumb caressing. I absentmindedly slid my hands up his chest to his collar and brought my eyes down to them. I gripped his collar tighter and looked up into his hazel nut eyes that shined brighter with the light from the streets. His eyes were locked on mine and without even realizing it, my face began to pull forward. I felt the hand on my neck linger its finger in my hair. I whispered once more to him. *Why would you?* The hand on my waist gripped tighter, his sweet breath was intoxicating, our noses brushed against each other's and just when I was centimeters away.. I pulled back slightly. His eyes moved from my eyes to my lips and back. *Just tell me!* I whispered once again. His eyes glycined with lust, just as I imagine mine did as well. He gulped down his answer. The answer I wanted to hear. Why would he care? The silence once again grew and I slid my hands back down to his chest and pushed against it, pulling myself back. *Bye, Joe!* I turned and walked back towards the house without a glance back.

Why doesn't Joe just tell her?
Does Demi want to make him admit it to rub it in his face, or becasue she really does want him to care?
Should he have told her something?
What will Sel and Miley say to her?
Is she going to go through with the date or cancel?
Wanna find out?

Comment for the next one. :D

Oh and sorry if i'm going slow with the Jeminess, but i don't want to rush it. So but thank you for hanging in there and i can assure you it WILL get better *Wink* if you think it sucks now. LOL!

I will post some more tomorrow. :D



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