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Published on Feb 19, 2012

From the perspective of a woman atheist in 2004, Keryn shares some thoughts and statistics on women and atheism. Ashley Perrien joins Keryn Glasser to host this clip from The Atheist Experience #335 - http://www.atheist-experience.com

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Dmitri Clark
my mothers a catholic, I'm an Atheist we talked on this subject once when she was trying to get me to go to church. I started asking her questions and explaining facts and she actually said 'I want to be ignorant, I'm happy being stupid. I don't want facts let me be.' I was completely baffled by that. How could anyone not even want to hear the facts?
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Laura Jarrell
Vertical Horizon Maybe they believe ignorance is bliss? I do think some people are happier being less intelligent. Life can be brutal, maybe it's easier to know less. They want to keep their 'myths' safe. Love and Peace
Vertical Horizon
+Dmitri Clark How could anyone actually be happy being stupid?
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Maybe because so many religions teach women they're second rate, should be submissive and refrain from thinking?
I think the concept of women being more emotional is BS. What happens is that girls are brainwashed from early age in this sick "obey your husband as god" type mentality and are supposed to be the holy grail of innocence. Many women live their life waiting for the prince on the horse type character to save them as a result of a long history of stupidity. Also, you have to take into consideration that most old women aren't educated because during their era they were never supposed to study, they were baby makers. So until the new generation rises over the older one, you will have these numbers.
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Notthefather... Brainwashing is evidence of their emotionality? Who's their?
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im a female atheist and i can see this true especially at school i know more males that are atheist.i don't know why, religion tells man they are the perfect creation and all the prophets are male and god is seen as a male, why then would women believe it when it doesn't even acknowledges them??
+nataliaUful okay but do you see the problem with your sample size and methodologies?
its been awhile since i wrote this comment but i want to update on something, i found the reason why women seem to be less likely to be atheist.After talking more to my female classmates i learned that many of them are not religious or are atheist but they are less open about their views.While my males classmates are more open to talk about them.so its not that there are less female atheists, its that there are less women open to talk about the subject.
Jeff Meister
We need more secular women in order to educate kids correctly. Children indoctrination is a intellectual crime, just let Them choose for Themselves When They're old enough.
Beevis Head
Very interesting to see these two videos inquiring the lack of these types of atheists: women atheists and black atheists, BOTH from the Atheist Experience. And fascinating to compare the two comment sections. Apparently: *women - not many cuz they're mentally inferior in some way *black - not many cuz of societal barriers Pity to see the double standard.
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AllHaiLKINGTIsHeRe3 You have a cristal ball to claim what women will never be able... Biological differences in emotionality? Psychology experiments show that men are equally able to read emotions when they are motivated (paid!) How would you explain this if it's biology? Or it's just they culturally are discouraged and 'brainwashed' to show/use their potential.
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Ashley L
women are poorer than men, and poorer people tend to have higher levels of religiosity. women are also more isolated and less likely to work outside of the home, making them significantly more likely rely on churches for their social needs. this stuff is really not that hard to figure out, it takes like five seconds of mild thought.
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Scott Gagnon
Adding to the insult claim which I agree with, your argument is still showing an opinion so really you shouldn't just end with "it just takes 5 seconds of mild thought." I could say that historically women were trained to be subservient to men and given general freedoms in the last century. So obviously women are more likely to be religious because they will just follow their husband, father, pastor, etc and will be less likely to exercise their own free thought.
Ashley L
Asdfghjkl;' 123456789 what if my opinion is that people need to spend five seconds in mild thought before opening their mouth tho.
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J. Gomez
That men are more thinkers and women are more feelers is a stereotype. Having said so, it is true that women find it harder to disentangle from religion than men. I would argue that it is more a social issue than something based on the psychological makeup of women.
Aaron Wayne
+John Gomez "That men are more thinkers and women are more feelers is a stereotype" What makes you say this?
Sam Hunter
+John Gomez "That men are more thinkers and women are more feelers is a stereotype" How so? Not that I'm doubting you
If women weren't gullible, we would have died out as a species millennia ago.
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