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Published on Feb 4, 2011

Plot Summary
Old Man Logan continues as Clint hears why Wolverine won't fight any more.

Fifty years ago Wolverine and Jubilee are at the mansion and receive distress calls from the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Fantastic Four, Wakanda and other places. When she tries calling back, no one answers. Wolverine tells her they need to get out of there right away but an explosion hits before they can move. Jubilee is seemingly dead with a piece of rubble jabbed through her head. Logan is then confronted by an army of supervillains. They begin attacking and Wolverine tries fighting them off while the students begin to evacuate. Wolverine is slicing and chopping the villains to shred while calling out to the others, wondering where the rest of the X-Men are. He finally manages to kill all the villains on his own. As Bullseye lies in his arms dying, he begs Logan to stop, saying he was supposed to be their friend.

The mist clears and Wolverine finds Jubilee dead in his arms instead. Mysterio stands behind him and thanks him for his work. He asks Wolverine if he thinks he could really take on forty supervillains on his own. As Mysterio vanishes, Logan is left seeing the massacred bodies of the X-Men bleeding all over the place. Blaming himself, he simply walked away crying. He tried killing himself by letting a train drive over his head but it didn't work. Now Clint knows why Logan vowed to never hurt another living soul.

The next day as they drive through Doom's Head, IL and pass some cloned dinosaurs, little do they realize that the Venom suit has seemingly found a new host.

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Freaking teared up at seeing dead Gambit and Nightcrawler. :c
V3nt Entertainment
My mouth literally dropped at 3:55
well, there goes a how many people's childhoods
Ramon Suarez
I don't buy that Mysterio could fool Wolverine so badly. His illusions are more the slight of hand, special effects variety you see in magic trick shows. Wolverine has superhuman hearing and smell. He can't be tricked by a light and magic show for 90 minutes. I'd agree if it were someone like Lady Mastermind who has the mutant power to affect the mind or a sorcerer like Loki because then we are talking about a whole other level of power. 
Even Hell is too merciful of a punishment for Mysterio. Mysterio deserves alot worst.
This is an amazing story to say the least. One thing always bothered me though. Hesitation or not, how the hell did Wolverine alone kill all of the X-men? Some of them are so much more powerful than he is, they should have been able to stop him with no problem. They all know of his healing factor, so it's not like they had to worry about killing him. They should of been able to knock him out, or at least restrain him. Either way, this was amazing, and Mysterio is a sick fuck lol.
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Even for Mysterio and my psychotic Standards, that was fucked up Mysterio that was FUCKED UP.
wtf goddamn lol
He Killed all the Heroes ......
(Looks at all the dead X Men. Sees Jubilee) NO! Not her! (Sees Gambit) WHHHHHYYYY!! MYSTERIO IS GOING TO HELL FOR HIS SINS!!!! (Sees Cyclops dead) Is it morbid of me to await for that moment?
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