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BOXING Mike Tyson VS Razor Ruddock 1 Highlights





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Published on Dec 21, 2010

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A Ali
Any of the heavy weights today wouldn't last 1/2 a round with these guys, Deontays legs would snap, Fury would need one shot from Tyson to dispatch him to the nearest caravan, Klitschko can juice up as much as possible, still wouldn't last
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Look at 4:46 carefully, ruddock was on queer street along the rope AND HIS RIGHT ARM WAS TIED BEHIND THE ROPE.With 15 seconds left, tyson would have put him in a coma in that position.
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علي كريدي
Oh Brother تايسن لكل العرب
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Thomas Day
Ruddock was DEFINITELY going to get knocked out, but Tyson shud have been allowed to finish him off. This is what the audience paid to see.!! Then there wud have been NO arguments.
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Thomas Day
Then again, yes you're right. And u see he stated back boxing at 52!!! Won his 1st 2 fights too!
Markus J
Respect the fighters well being, one more clean shot could have affected Ruddocks' long term health.
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Thomas Day
Tyson the machine. After he retired, the heavyweight division died.
Bullshit stoppage. Steele's worst for me. 2 gladiators fight till someone in knocked out!
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Igli Draci
mike was gonna kill him wtf you talking
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That was a tough call for the rEf but it might have been the right call one more hit by Tyson mito put that guy in real bad shape
Great to see this video still getting watched and liked in 2016.... Tyson from 86 to 91was a prime scary speciman and that version could of beat any HW. IMO there was only buster douglas who ever beat the real mike tyson
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Stay Me7o
spow4now Do you realize he lost Cus, and was under Don's management and Bullshit trainers who didn't care about Mike nor could give him the PROPER TRAINING, guidance and support that Cus and Kevin gave Mike.Cus was the MASTER behind the peek a boo style in which he created. Cus also had one of thee greatest boxing minds in history, I love his philosophy on life and fighting. Listen to Ali, Teddy, Tyson and Rooney talk bout him. He taught the p-a-b style too Rooney who knew it inside out, who was like a brother too Tyson.Remember when Tyson kissed Rooney on the stool when Rooney was going off while he was dominating(probably not) lol best moment ever. They truly had Mikes best interest at Heart and kept him on edge. So If you think that was the "real" Tyson then you truly don't know his story. You could see his decline with his 1st fight without them lol. I give Buster credit, but that was not Cuss' Tyson at all! 1985-88 was the Unstoppable Prime Tyson! Get it straight mate! (p.s) I know this cuz I did a research project and presention on them n the style back in school lol.
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WTF that was a good stoppage if anyyone knows boxing, he was gone and if mike went in for the kill after ruddocks hands and head were all over the place, he would have seriously been fucked up.
+BruceinFalkirk Cheers brother, YOU and your family have a fantasic christmas hey cuz.
+neiluk78 - well said
Aki Chukwuma Okoye
just for guys that talk down on tyson, i ask you this: how many heavy weights in boxing history could throw such killer combinations with both hands ? not forgetting being able to take too. most heavy weights either have one good right or left hand and one or the other for jabs. tyson throws bombs with both hands through and through. no wonder when he left, heavy weight train derailed.sad
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Isaiah Hill buster Douglas did when he knocked out Tyson so did holyfield and so did Lewis
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The ref saw the glazed look in Razor's eyes, the slack lowered hands, and general body language. Tyson would have finished him in that round anyway. Stop the fight and protect the man from some Ali-like damage.
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+leon voulgaris ohhhhh my mistake 
leon voulgaris
No he means that Ali got health issues that started even in the middle of his career.
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