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Uploaded on Nov 3, 2010

Okay! So this, to the best of my ability, follows the entirety of the initial events that lead to Kylie Swann (Kirsten Storms} getting together with Dayton Redea (Matt Marraccini).

Dedication: AMARIS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Ahem. ^_^ Without her absolutely none of this would be possible and....yeah don't know how to exist without them anymore myself XDDD.

Supporting Cast:
Meg Swann [-Cassidy eventually) -- Lindze Letherman
Dylan Cassidy -- Scott Clifton

:08-- :34 -- Dayton takes Kylie hostage at gun point at the jewelry store she works at. They proceed to get trapped in the vault behind the store and end up talking for five hours while back there, where Kylie discovers that he is being blackmailed into helping and has no intention of robbing the store or, hurting her.

:33-:41 : Kylie drives Dayton away from the jewelry store to a cabin she knows where the key is too from her childhood, lying to the cops that he had also been a hostage to spirit him away.

:41-1:18: They arrive at the cabin and begin hiding out from the cops/mobsters. Dayton proceeds multiple times to try and convince her to get out of it and go home, but Kylie's having none of it. ^_^ Since when does she listen, right?

1:19-1:27: Kylie snuck out to get them food and other supplies; Dayton is cleaning up/healing his wound while waiting for her to return. When she does, she predictably walks in on him shirtless.

1:27-1:35: Kylie starts to get him to open up a little bit about what happened that lead to his situation.

1:36-1:50: As they continue to hide out, Dayton starts telling her the reason he wanted her to go home so much ^_^...

1:51-2:00: In the midst of eating and laughing, they share a first kiss in time for the lights to go out due to the weather where they are.

2:00-2:15: Kayton opening up together about their situation and then...well this is actually their first time, which will be flashbacked too again XD

2:17-2:22: While making out, Kayton are spotted by the bad-cop that is tracking them as part of the rival gang that had blackmailed Dayton. Dayton goes out after them but comes back after being unable to locate him in the storm and hugs Kylie in relief.

2:25--2:26: The VO over top of the scene is Dylan, Meg's eventual husband (Kylie's sister) explaining to Meg where Kylie is and that what the difference is between them to try and calm Meg down, saying she'll be okay.

2:28--2:38: The bad cop ambushes them, Dayton gets the upper hand and kills him while protecting Kylie as well.

2:39--2:46: Dayton is arrested even as he tells the truth and Kylie attempts to intervene. Meg and Dylan watch alarmed.

2:47--3:15: While Dayton is incarcerated, Kylie comes to visit him (as she promised she would! ^_^) and proceeds to inform him she's at fault for getting him to tell the truth and thus getting him caught and that she's going to prove his innocence even though Dayton firmly tells her to stay out of it. Overlaid are clips of their first time.

3:17--3:28: Kylie goes to the bar that is owned by the family blackmailing/framing Dayton and infiltrates by seducing the bartender there. While she does so, she eventually stuns him and then sneaks off into the office (now changed) where she gets the required information to clear Dayton's name.

3:29--3:39: Dayton gets released from prison based upon the information Kylie found. And he proceeds to try and break everything off with her for her own good.

3:40 -3:55: Kylie sees Dayton on the docks of NYC and runs to him, running into his arms and he hugs back before once again trying to break things off with her for her own good. Kylie's perplexed and can't figure out what's going on despite the fact she knows it's probably some 'dumb noble reason' and still decides not to give up.

3:56--4:01: Kylie tells Dayton she knows what he's doing, that he's trying to protect her but that it's not going to work. They kiss before he breaks up with her a-*GAIN*.

4:03--4:20: Dayton comes to the place where Meg works and runs into first Kylie (whom he argues with) and then Meg, who yells at him for the way he's treating Kylie.

4:21--4:31: Dayton and Kylie argue post what Meg said as Kylie tries to tell him she's done now...but Dayton is beginning to admit his actual feelings now as well...albeit outloud while shouting.

4:32--END: Dayton finds Kylie back where they'd shared that hug, telling him when he arrives she gets it and she's done. Dayton is similarly done and tells her exactly how it is and they get together for reallllll ^_^. Love.

The ... quotes won't fit lmao. So if you can't hear any of them, let me know and I'll pm !


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