Pit Bull Puppies whining to get out of the shower





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Published on Nov 22, 2010

They were done with their shower, in drip dry mode, and my man just had to get it on video.

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So.... One bad experience make you think that all Pit's are aggressive? Smh.. What a bunch of dummies. I own two Pit's. One of my neighbors owns a Pit, and a Chihuahua. Her Chihuahua bit her Pit, and her grandchild. She got the Chihuahua rehabilitated. She's more calmer now. It's another neighbor of mine. He owns a Pit, and told me out his own stupid mouth that he rises his Pit to be vicious. One day. I was walking my Pit's, and, I walk past his house. His dog just bolted out the front door, and tried to attack my dogs. If my dogs wasn't well trained. They would've killed his dog. She snapped at my dogs, and when I pulled my dogs away, she snapped at me, and bit my arm. It's the people. People are the most dangerous living things on this earth. What I'm saying is that any dog can bite, and any dog can be friendly. In reality, the Golden Retriever is known to bite more humans than any other breed of dogs. Of course if a Golden Retriever bite someone, it don't get put on the news, and when a Pit save someone, that don't get put on the news either. It's the exact opposite. The media is a bunch of stupid people that think they know what they're talking about. And us being people. We follow the stupid media, and agree on everything they say. Because we don't want to know the truth. We don't want to find things out on our own. We want others to tell us. I used to think the same thing about Pit's too when I was a kid. That they were aggressive. They turn on they're owners. I decided that I wanted to use my brain, and find out the truth about these gorgeous breed. I found out that all dogs can turn on they're humans. Any dog can be aggressive. A mutt can turn on you. It also said that with the proper training. Socializing them, discipline them, exercise them, teach them limitations, and get a dog that fits your lifestyle, your energy, and you should be fine. FYI. Pit's jaws don't lock. That's another stupid stereotype. If all you all know about the breed, it is that they jaws don't lock. Is there even a such thing??? Rottweilers actually have a stronger bite then Pits. The more so called "aggressive breed" and I used that with air quotes is actually the Dobermans. But they can be lovable if you rise them right as well. I keep my Pit's very socialized. They love people, and dogs. My stupid neighbor teaches his poor little Pit to be aggressive. That's why people gets on my nerves. I rather be in a backyard full of Pit's, than to be around alot of crazy humans. Humans are the problems of everything that is wrong with this world. Humans are the most dangerous breed. I studied Pit's. I had to study them before I could own one. It is the law where I live. They must be well behaved, fixed, and microchiped. Sadly everyone don't follow that rule. I told my stupid neighbor that if that dog bites, me or anyone else. I will call animal control. I hate to call them because I know what they're gonna do to the poor little Pit. I know she bit me. But I decided to give her another chance. It's not her fault she acts that way. It's her retarded owners fault. But If she hurt anyone, or any other animals again. I will have no choice but to call them. She will have to leave this neighborhood. Then it will be another Pit killed because of a dumb human. Pit Bulls might had been bred to harm other animals. But they was never bred to harm humans. They were nanny dogs. They protected little children, and for me to hear that a child got attacked by a Pit, hurts me to my soul, because they weren't like that. They were bred to respect humans, and love us. But with the PROPER training. They can be sweet, and loving to anyone. But still be a protecter. They don't have to bite to protect. And that goes for any breed, including us humans, because we all know that we're the main problem. 
I want them all!! so cute!!!
Leticia Garcia
Pit bulls are not aggressive, it's people who make them aggressive and because of that, everybody thinks that they are vicious and killers but they are not, I have seen pit bulls where I live and they are the most lovable dogs very friendly of course you should always be careful when you approach a dog of any kind, he might be injured and that can be a reason why is he in a defensive mode, or maybe he was mistreated, who knows,it can be many other reasons that we don't know why he gets in a defensive mode.
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Memo Mata
that was really cute🐕🐶👏
paul gavian
man, puppies are sure a hell to shower lol but sho cute
David Barnard
the pitbull puppies will win the licking competition alright
How cute; Which one Can i eat first?!
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Scarlet Fowler
x7 doge such fluffy much cute
Silly puppies!
"No more bath! No more bath!"
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