[REUPLOADED] Calling Luka Magnotta's Alleged Phone Number





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Published on Jun 3, 2012

(To Keep up with updates on our online investigation of Luka Magnotta, please check: http://hypebeast.com/forums/off-topic...)

*Sorry, the video was uploaded yesterday but the guy who uploaded (the person who calls at 5:00 who I'm on Skype with) was scared that Luka Magnotta would find him, so he removed the video off YouTube*

Prior to this call which happened approximately 7pm on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012, we had contacted Toronto and Montreal police at 8AM the same day. They said they would immediately send police to the address we tipped them. I called again at 945am and they told me yeah yeah don't worry we're sending police right away. I checked google maps and the nearest police department to the address was 2 miles away. That's very close. They were obviously not taking the information seriously and were fitting the stereotype of Canadian police- which is, they're lazy and do not care to serve the community, really, they're just making a salary and don't care to investigate... So our intentions were to call the number and get the online community's opinion on whether the voice at the 5 minute mark sounds like Luka Magnotta and if the police should at least go check the address or speak to the ppl who own the number to get info.

"Let me narrate what's going on in the video:
Up until 4:55, I dial the supposed Luke Magnotta number that's been on his escort ads and that have been linked with his name. I call and some guy says his name is Jason. I said 'Adam' because that name was tied with the number and I would have thought it would've been an alias of Luka Magnotta's. He gets nervous and hangs up on me. I call back, and the voicemail message says with a robot voice 'JASON'. Yet when we called the earlier day, it said something like

"call back at 9am." My friend in Miami has a prank call at him and you can clearly hear that voicemail message at the beginning of the video when he rings the number (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=... ). So at 4:55, I was on Skype with the video uploader and he calls the number, and someone with a different voice obviously answers, who he suspects is Luka Magnotta. He talks to this new voice until 6:16 . Listen to the Luka Magnotta's interviews and compare with that voice, at 6:50

I try to call the number again, the guy answers the phone, but doesn't say anything, and he hangs up. I try to bait him by provoking him while the video uploader is on Skype is with me. So the character keeps hanging up on me until 9:37, you hear a voicemail message, and it's different from the "JASON" one from earlier! It's back to the one from last night when my friend in Miami pranked him. I repeatedly call him till the end of the video but he doesn't answer.

So does the "9 am" voicemail message sound like Luka Magnotta? What do you think? Please listen to his interviews and compare with the voice on the voicemail or from the calls. There's obviously 2 different people that own the phone I think. Does Luka have an accomplice? and is J McAllister = Jason McAllister?""

Compare the 5:00 minute mark of this video's voice to the voice in this interview with Luka:


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Mia Malone
I don't think so 818mayhem, reason being is I called and heard Lukas voice, from the 5:00 mark of this recording. Compare that voice to the interview from the brittish Sun, exact. Luka is so gay and his voice prob sounds like "Jason" normally, watch the full cover guy video he's asked "is your voice normally that low" and luka replies "practice makes perfect" I think he's multiple personalities, I diagnosed, Hense the many wigs and looks he's had, and also with that he can change his voice, one
Mia Malone
Yah the number says "the number you have reached is not assigned" Kinda wish it said that earlier for me and not having him or possibly him answer!
Mia Malone
I called to and it was for sure Lukas voice, but what I don't understand is why there's other people using his number too, the first guy that answered wasn't him, the clip of the prank call was him, his number is used in various recent escort ads from a Black guy to a straight couple, it's weird but yah that was his voice!!
Mia Malone
Yah it's disconnected
Mia Malone
And one more thing, I think all the recent posts with other escorts using his number in Toronto, I think it's all part of his game to trough the police off track, I heard his voice on the phone today, could easily be forwarding his toronto landline to a Paris # or whatever, I've seen all his interviews, that voice at 5:00 on this video, that's him! No doubt! He's brazen and toying with everyone
how can you think luka is innocent when he filmed himself killing that dude? o_o
There's a video, where he auditions for a show where the judges ask him why his voice is so deep. He replied with practice makes perfect
Here is a photo clip of Luka Magnotta disguised as a woman. /watch?v=mY5zaQVCT5U
good on reporting him. hope this number leads gets him tracked down. ive been collecting and reporting on him too, though i know lots are now! you see is beavis butthead profile on youtube yet? he's been posting from it actively the last couple days. ive been trolling him all day and sending a clip i made for him to all his in boxes watch?v=mY5zaQVCT5U 
U guys need to let the police do their job, you guys are just harrassing people and could be charged with harrassment. Go read a book.
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