Poverty: The American nightmare





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Published on Sep 16, 2010

One in seven Americans now live on or below the poverty line, according to figures published by the US Census Bureau. It is the sharpest annual rise for three decades, and analysts predicted next year's figures will be even worse. Rev. Graylan Hagler says that as a Pastor he sees people who have been gainfully employed their whole life and are now suffering due to the slumping economy.

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America is already at the bottom and will be there for quite a few years but this is as bad is it is probably going to get. If the US currency collapses you will see that the world will suffer not just america.
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leggo my eggo,i've taken alot economics classes,and i'm here to tell you that this whole global bullshit situation is caused by these words by MAYER ROTHSCHILD,years ago,''I CARE NOT WHO MAKES THE LAWS,ASLONG AS I CAN PRINT THE MONEY'' this and this alone is the root cause of the dilema of the worlds COMING crisis,they build up phony economies and take along their minions,then pullthe value out of a currency ,watch the whole game collapse,then enrich themselves by the fallingTOTALLY EVIL AT BEST
It is fear mongering that people are involved within. I would not be surprised if it was done to make the markets fluctuate for investment profits. If the US currency were to collapse then the world is in trouble. The US economy is worth about 15 trillion and the international markets are worth about 80 trillion. And that does not take into account US currency trading which could make up 50% of the markets globally. These countries are all talk all while they play the game. 
Open policy immigration is a problem but it is not the main problem. And white (Europeans) are not going to disappear. Most white people stay with white people and most black people stay with black people. And there is a small minority of mixing. White people or black people are not going anywhere else any time soon. 
Japan has an unemployment rate of 3.8%. France has an unemployment rate of 11%. Germany is one of the few countries that has planned for the long term. Canada and Australia are growing countries but at some point they will hit a wall in their growth. Canada has unemployment of 7.2% similar to the US but that figure will probably go down for Canada. 
it is called reverse colonisation. We are just taking back the riches Europe stole from our countries. And while we are here we'll fuck some white women too. So how does it feel when the shoe is on the other foot, asshole. (Did you notice that I'am scoulding you in your own language.)
to my i look back at my hertiage of the great depression,and the american hobo.one can and will survive.and not by kiiling and stealing and everyother fowl thing.
Great interview, smart man; Why aren't people like him being interviewed on the main stream networks where their opinions may be heard on a national level?
Jerry Riggs
White countries are being flooded by non-whites. Whites are told to be TOLERANT. Whites are forced to integrate. These non-whites are given special rights, affirmative action, free health care and free education while White people pay their bills. With assimilation we see the extinction of one race only, the White race. It's white genocide. When White people bring light to this though, we are called racist. Anti-racist is really just a codeword for anti-white.
this is the way it used to be,GOVERMENTS,come along start taxing,being brutal,telling people of the WORLD,THATS RIGHT WE ARE ALL WORLD TRAVELERS AT HEART,hunter ,gatherers,no men form governments,hire mercenaries,start beating up people,starve them,torture and any other demonic crap they can think of ,it's called control,the problem is when you let them continue it,no AMERICA 'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE,WE THE PEOPLE SAY SO,if you can,come visit,meet my people,see really what's going on,not just D.C
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