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Published on May 9, 2013

Watch the entire flight in Stunning HD!
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See how it was done, Discovery Channel goes behind-the-scenes!

Q: What is this a video of?
A: This is a documentation of a Kickstarter campaign headed up by Logan Kugler to send Captain Picard and Kirk of Star Trek fame into space, in the style of a movie trailer. With the help of Spencer Gore of Space for All, Inc. and his team of engineering students from the University of Illinois, Logan was able to make space travel a reality for these two mythic heroes.

Q: What is Star Trek?
A: Star Trek is an American science fiction entertainment franchise created by Gene Roddenberry and is noted for its influence on the world outside of science fiction. It has been cited as an inspiration for several technological inventions such as the cell phone. Moreover, the show is noted for its progressive civil rights stances. The original series included one of television's first multiracial casts, and the first televised inter-racial kiss. Using television as a conduit for bold ideas, Star Trek has demonstrated its ability to influence our culture, society, hopes and dreams.

Q: What is the space vessel?
A: The space vessel is a Kaymont HAB-3000 (3000 gram weight) latex balloon, pumped full of helium.

Q: How high did it go?
A: It reached nearly 100,000 feet into the atmosphere and while that's not technically "space", it's above 99% of the weight of the atmosphere and gives you a pretty darn good view of the earth. It averaged 18mph, ascending more quickly in the lower, denser atmosphere for a total ascent time of just over an hour. It landed over 10 miles away from the launch site. The payload weight was just below 12 pounds at launch.

Q: Why did it burst?
A: As pressure reduces with altitude, there's less and less force pressing on the balloon from outside so the gas inside it expands eventually making it pop.

Q: Where can I watch the whole flight?
A: Right here http://youtu.be/fbdxd-ngs18

Q: Who are the other figurines on board?
A: Riding with Captain James Tiberius Kirk is the new film "Star Trek: Into Darkness" Writer Roberto Orci and Director J.J. Abrams. Riding with Captain Jean-Luc Picard is Captain William T. Riker and Lieutenant Commander Data.

Q: I have something of my own I want to launch into space for fun or for advertising purposes, how do I go about doing that?
A: It's not easy, but Spencer Gore at http://spaceforall.org has mastered the art

Q: Where can I find the awesome music used in the credits?
A: You can download it at https://soundcloud.com/isaac-vail/epi...

Q: What's next for Logan?
A: You can sign up to find out about his next space-related project at http://SendPicardToSpace.com

Q: What's next for Max?
A: A new Neil deGrasse Tyson video, are you a subscriber? http://www.youtube.com/user/MaxSchlick


Max Schlickenmeyer

Logan Kugler
Shannon Downey
Randy Balbuena
Eiso Vaandrager
The XNet Cloud
Franz M. Villa
Marco A. Mena

Russ Conser
Steve Pemberton
Will Frank
Juan de Joya
Carsten Lauridsen
Nicole Atencio
Bruce Murray
Adam Juda
Zach Perkins

Kickstarter Backers (those mentioned above and the anonymous)
Melissa Ventura
Tellman Knudson
Spencer Gore
University of Illinois Observatory

Critical Mass - "Requiem of the Gods"
Isaac Vail - "Epic Star Trek Remix"


THANK YOU 1000x TO THE AMAZING KICKSTARTER BACKERS! Without them this project would not have gotten off the ground.

Thank you to Tellman Knudson for helping us get the camera equipment we needed!

Thanks to Space For All, Spencer Gore, and all of the others who helped on launch day to get Picard and Kirk into space!

Help us caption & translate this video!



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