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Published on Aug 17, 2012


Welcome to Luigi's Mansion Versus! Tyler and Josh go at it in a race to the finish! This time, however, there are a few new rules to winning Versus.

Speed isn't the only thing that will win you this Versus. The winner must be skillful in two of three areas:

1. Finishing the game the fastest.
2. Collecting the most money around their mansion.
3. Skillfully defeating the bosses.*

*Each boss gives you a rank of Gold, Silver or Bronze, depending on how well you defeat them. We've assigned points to each rank: Gold = 3, Silver = 2 and Bronze = 1. These points will be added up at the end to determine the winner in this area.

- - Credits - -
Intro animated by TehJonBro - http://bit.ly/JonBro
Intro music - http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste...
Luigi's Mansion Theme (Dubstep Remix) by ZMiX - http://bit.ly/OIOXbE

- - Links - -
Josh's Channel - http://www.youtube.com/JoshJepson
Tyler's Channel - http://www.youtube.com/AttackingTucans
Facebook Fanpage - http://bit.ly/JoshJepsonFanpage
Twitter Feed - http://bit.ly/JoshJepsonTwitter
T-shirts and Mugs - http://bit.ly/JoshJepMerch

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Comments • 3,285

Tyler might have won if he didn't vacuumed his room in the middle of versus
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Caleb Adam
It's not fair if it was normal Tyler would have continued like normal so it's not fair
WhiteKyurem Gaming
But Josh died,sooo pretty fair
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Mobile games FTW
According to the games logic. Getting 3,000,000 can buy you a tent and nothing else!
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Landen Rigler
i would kill for better wifi
Mobile games FTW
+Anime Music Yes entirely. If luigis rich and he brought those things. Then why did he bother to buy a £25 Tent. Other then a small house? Or even an apartment? If i was rich i would buy a bigger house and spend the rest of the money. Not just buy a computer and a tent. That doesn't sound like a satisfying life to live eh.
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The Lightning Bastard
Tyler's screen frame is purple... TYLER IS BARNEY CONFIRMED
Beyond Religion
Episode 5 at 12:07 do I get your copy of Luigi's Mansion versus now? Huh, what was that? This versus has been over for four years now and that I'm a brain dead idiot for not being able to scroll the page down one inch to see that the release date of this episode was August 17th, 2012? Well fuck me sideways, I better kill myself now since I'm a nuisance to the human race for not being able to grasp a simple fact. Proceeds to end life
Little Crystal
I feel you tho.
Kenneth Rebbro
Josh is the best
Luigi's Mansion Versus 2!! But, this time, play the PAL version of the Hidden Mansion, where the boss ghosts are harder, the boos have more HP, and you need to suck more of them to get to the final encounter, and the entire mansion is mirrored! I think that would be quite the fair challenge for the both of you!
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+BangersAndMashmonkey Ah, i understand now. :)
+SQS Breeze There is. Except for one thing; the NTSC Hidden Mansion isn't mirrored, while the PAL Hidden Mansion is.
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Professor E. Gadd also made Bowser Jr.'s Magic Brush.  Evidence: The same symbol on F.L.U.D.D is on the Magic Brush, and Bowser Jr. says, "...A strange old man in a white coat gave it to me."
Since I don't think this was ever explicitly stated: Tyler had 51 boss points (10 gold, 8 silver, 5 bronze) Josh had 46 boss points (6 gold, 11 silver, 6 bronze) The perfect score was 69!
josh reynolds
14:00 Look at Bowser and listen to Josh! XD
I saw it when it was new and I could have potentially won Luigi's Mansion. But I already have it so it was pointless.
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