The Real Reason for 2012, NWO, Illuminati, Niburu, Nazi's, Neo Colonialism





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Published on May 28, 2012

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People, here is the truth of what's going on...
The only real war we are fighting, is a war in all our collective minds and opinions. Until minds and the thinking of the general population change any confrontation or bullshit terrorism or fake terrorism is absolutely pointless. My opinion is that our country and world is imploding on itself and eating itself alive with everyone thinking they are on the right side. Given time and the coming collapse if everyone would just keep their heads on straight and help each other realizing that only after the storm comes the sunshine again things will work themselves out peacefully. Let the NWO have all they want, it won't matter. Don't fight them, just enjoy the show folks. The plan itself is unsustainable even if they win, so aside from protecting your own life or the lives of your neighbors and loved ones, the wisest thing to do is just allow everyone to grow up and face reality.

We are all the problem, and only recently are many waking up to that simple fact. You may as well be fighthing with yourself if you try to force your opinions on your fellow americans.

In the end the truth will win out, because it is merely undeniable. Resistance would merely give legitimacy to further and further escalating violence.

All our history, NWO, illuminati, corporate owners, religions, etc none of that matters, the real problem is just us and we will learn given time.

If we as a species can collectively figure this out, maybe we could survive ourselves.
All those that believe in Gods and Aliens... Lets suppose just for the sake of argument either one exists. If so would either allow a species to gain control of space and propagate itself beyond this one planet if we acted like barbarians like we do, and if it's looking like we may be the borg about to be released onto the galaxy? No, those aliens or "gods" would continue to do everything in their power to undermine us over and over until we can emerge as acceptable members of a race that deserves to be allowed beyond our earthly confines.

Improve yourselves, be ready to meet your maker, and hope for the best. Don't let fear rule your life, especially if it might be limited. What a waste of time, our lives are always limited and we could more likely be hit by a bus tomorrow as face some of the things people think will happen.

The worst happens only if we make it happen. Protesters push and egg on police, that escalates to blows, nobody feels like they're all in the same boat anymore, it just goes on and on and on. Protesting is good, but you can't show you're better than anyone else by being dicks to police or anyone who simply isn't aware enough yet. Resist from a higher conciousness level, peacefully, and be prepared to constantly turn the other cheek at abuses or don't even bother because in the big picture it wont help.

There isn't a damn thing we can do right now that will make any bit if difference in the future of humanity other than realizing the truth of us, and what is guaranteed to happen to us if we can't straighten our collective shit out.

If I were an alien out there anywhere I'd have to stop you from infecting other planets as well, I think we can all understand that. It's not that we are just a virus, but we overall exist as one when you look at things on that level. A clear immediate threat to any life and any other planet anywhere in our path.

If you have studied any religions you will find that the old testament gods actions match precicely with what we now call satan or the devil. All those religions pit each against eachother but in all likelihood they all worship the same "god". None of those gods actions or predjudices or political desires of taking over the world with each religion by the way reflects any of the perfection and beauty seen in nature, the universe, so therefore nothing we have ever thought of as a god actually could be one.

But someone out there could really be seriously fucking with you all, and probably is, and having a good laugh about it or rationalizing it as for our own and the universes own good.

Even if the NWO wins, they can't win. Guaranteed there is some other race out there somewhere which would have to wipe them out. Nobody likes the borg, we aren't there yet but that is where we are headed. Just like Avitar, except with a headache from brain surgery for the implant to control your thoughts and implanted RFID to track you. Of course our mission in space wouldn't be to spread knowlege or love, it would be to colonize and conquer given our current idealogies.

If that's not the borg, I don't know what is.

Don't worry though in the long run the universe will protect itself, it will have to. Unfortunately though it will just be the loss of all of us.

Everyone needs to see things as they are and not how they think they are.


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